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Has anyone else got a Bakers Cyst?

It is a cyst usually at the back of the knee and can be painful.

It presents a lump and they can get quite big.

It makes kneeling and squatting excruciating painful possible only for seconds at a time, in my case.

I noticed the lump long after the physical problems developing.

The synovial fluid sac of the knee bulges out abnormally. It can burst so I have had to stop running :-(

I have read it is related to hypothyroidism but my doctor (who is a knee expert) did not think the two had any known connexion.

I had Achilles tendinitis in the same leg some time back that required a decompression anterior compartment syndrome and have had plantar fasciitis in that foot too.

I suffered terrible cramps in this leg in particular (was prescribed quinine which stopped it and eventually I no longer needed the quinine). The cramps came back with a vengeance as I became severely hypothyroid, and before diagnosis. They have reduced with levothyroxine treatment but I still get the odd bout of it.

I am interested to know if anyone else here with hypothyroidism has a Bakers Cyst...or similar problems to mine.

I am hypothyroid

on levothyroxine (125/120mg 5/2 x per week),

It has recently been discovered I have VitD deficiency (29.3 on D3 2000iu/day)

and have been prescribed antidepressants 10mg/day because of a sudden bout of severe depression which may be related to the Vit D deficiency.

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..or B12 deficiency

Yes I was diagnosed with a Bakers cyst last August by my Physio here in Crete... Had treatment and all was well. My knee has just started to flare again and I am sure it is the same injury which happened on a plane last summer. Trying to pass into the middle seat over a person that was seated ?? - banged head on overhead luggage things - and knee went at a strange angle. Pain was excruciating... I think that with thyroid issues the muscles do not always receive the energy/messages they need to expand and contract and accidents happen. I practice yoga x 3 per week and have learnt that stretching muscles is so important....and still this happened....

I am T3 only....


Oops poor you! Mine has been investigated with ultrasound and I want an op to get rid of it but the person doing te ultrasound intoned it would be left alone. I hope the doc thinks different cos it is very debilitating plus I miss my running. Bit worrying that the like to comeback. I notice that those with arthritis {osteo and rheumatoid) seem to get it a lot but looks like it is not common with hypo suffered here as your is the only reply so far. Thanks for the info :-)


My Physio does Acupuncture before his treatments - wonder if that would help you. Hope you can soon go running again.... I like to play tennis as long as I do not have to run :-)


I see the doc on Wednesday so will find out what my options are then. I am really paranoid about acupuncture - isn't that strange? I am sure it works and has a lot to recommend it but it is something about those needles! I bust my nose when I was a small kid (not quite 3yrs old) and the needle I had totally freaked me out I howled the hospital down I bet that is where the needle phobia comes from! I'll keep you posted with any developments :-)


Reading your post just now I decided to feel for mine. I've had one for many years behind my left knee but it has never given me any trouble apart from feeling slightly uncomfortable and was only as big as a knuckle really.

It's strange but I can't find it now, I think it's gone! Can they do that?


I think they can sometimes resolve I their own but thought mine had gone but it had got bigger so the lump was more diffuse. Great that yours had gone ;-)


HI TSH I had a very painful bakers cyst about 15yrs ago and it lasted for months my said just carry on with pain killers . I tended to have lots of flare ups over a 2yr period and then they stopped and have never had an attack since . I didnt or wasn't diagnosed as being hypothyroid then but was diagnosed it 5yrs ago so don't know if there was or is a connection x Hope it settles down soon for you as its painfull xx


So good yours has gone. It is hard to know if these things are related to the hypothyroidism. I read some people think joint problems like arthritis can be the first signs of hypothyroidism, I presume it is because of antibodies that cause the autoimmune illness.


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