Continuous period, anyone else experience this?

So here I am again with yet another question!!! This time it's a ladies problem! I was diagnosed with hypo in May and have been taking 100mg levothyroxin since then. I have had various problems along the way and have discovered I have a severe iron and vit D deficiency so am therefore now on iron tablets and vit d tablets prescribed by the doctor. I have been taking these since end of October. I came on November 28th and ever since I have been bleeding. It is only light now but it's there. It's very red blood and slightly clotted. Obviously with an iron deficiency, this something I don't need!! Does anyone else have period problems? I do have a small fibroid and wondered if it was merely that or if it thyroid related??

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  • Yes there is a link betwern thyroid issues and oestrogen dominance. But don't expect the nhs to know this. I had this problem and it got progressively worse so i bled daily for nearly a year. It was hell on earth,i was housebound as nothing could contain the flow. Fibroids can get big quickly. I needed 3 blood transfusions in 1 weekend. Had surgery eventually. Years later i have another fibroid but am hoping to contain it now i manage my thyroid myself eg i no longer allow the nhs to keep me hypo. read that selenium and vit d3 are beneficial if you have fibroids, as is curcumin

  • Oh my goodness! You poor thing, sounds like a terrible year for you :-(

    I have been googling periods/thyroid etc and am discovering info about oestrogen. I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking "whatever else can be affected by this blooming thyroid issue!!"

  • I am sorry to say that everything in your body can be affected from top to toe as lack of thyroid gland hormone causes lots of different clinical symptoms. Each cell in our body requires T3 (liothyronine) in order to function and if T4 (levothyroxine) doesn't convert properly we do not have enough T3 for the millions of cells, the brain containing the most. Some women who haven't been diagnosed or are not on optimum meds may even have a hysterectomy which may have been unnecessary due to the reliance on the TSH for a diagnosis.

  • Now why doesnt that suprise me??? You know, prior to my diagnosis, I knew nothing about the thyroid. I find it unbelievable now how little we know about it, when I talk to people about it and the illness, it's obvious people have no idea what we go through. It actually becomes boring to talk about it so I just get on with it and keep my aches and pains to myself then cry when I'm alone. Thank goodness for this site :-))

  • I, too, was ignorant of the function of the thyroid gland or even where it was in my body.The following took about 2 years.... I saw 2 ENT's (one told me I had a web in my throat after a barium swallow and did a procedure under anaesthetic- no web found!! The other said I had acid reflux. After an overnight stay in the cardiac Dept, discharged after running on the treadmill and pronounced 'probably viral with high cholesterol' thought I was dying by now. and bed-ridden.A first aider suggested thyroid gland got a blood test form, to be phoned by GP 2 hrs later to get levothyroxine. TSH 100 but am well now thanks to

  • I was told my symptoms were menopausal, suffered in silence for 2 years until I was seeing double, couldn't get out of bed, almost felt delirious with tiredness, couldn't actually have cared if I died at this point. Sounds dramatic but I had had enough. Thyroid was eventually tested, tsh sky high at 78, same as you - urgent call from doctor telling me worst case she had seen. So, why why why did they let me (and you) get to that stage???

  • How rotten for you. When I was still having periods, my fibroids + thyroid had me in floods, often and for prolonged periods. It's two for two really - malfunctioning thyroid AND fibroids: the former just aggravates the latter. Or it might be the other way around! If you're anywhere near the menopause they'll want to hold off doing anything sensible about the fibroids until you go through it as fibroids are supposed to go away on their own then (mine did). If you're on the Pill that makes fibroids worse. If you're a young woman (!) you need something done. If they're not fixing your thyroid properly then at least get those fibroids taken away!

  • This is a link for info:-

  • Interesting read. However, it ended with a huge sigh from myself. Now praying I stop bleeding soon as I just cannot face another doctors appt as I know damn well she won't link the bleeding with hypothyroidism.

  • I had a polyp which bled mid cycle, so a fibroid could be causing the bleeding. Interesting to hear about the oestrogen link. I've just been reading about it.I hope you get it sorted soon and are well for Christmas.

  • Thanks Lilli, you too x

  • I also had polyps caused by HRT which once surgically removed, stopped the bleeding. It wasn't thyoid related

  • I had a year of really long and heavy periods and it was starting to get me down! My friends said I should have a hysterectomy as it was getting so bad. I went to see a gynaecologist and she wanted to do a test to make sure it wasn't anything nasty but as my period was going on for about 4 weeks she did a thyroid test and found that instead of being hypo I had turned hyper. I was referred to an ENT, he lowered my dose of levo from 125mcg to 100 mcg and whilst taking that for 3 months I didn't have a period at all which was a complete relief! He then tested me after 3 months of 100 mcg I was tested again and he lowered my levo further to .75mcg. Then after a month of that I had a normal 5 day period followed by a long period 6/7 weeks later! My levo has now been put back up to 100mcg and it seems fine so far, but I never know what is going to happen. Am I going to get a period or not. I am of an age when my hormones are probably all over the place and I have been told that I am definitely perimenopausal so it could be that too! To be honest if you have a good doctor who knows about this kind of stuff then seek advice. Maybe you need to have test to make sure your T4/T3 levels are within range. There are plenty of us about with similar issues, so don't feel you are alone! :-)

  • Go and see your GP and if you feel you are getting nowhere ask for a referral to a gynaecologist.

    This type of prolonged bleeding is not normal and needs further investigation. I know, I have been there a few years back. I was diagnosed quite quickly with a large ovarian cyst which I had removed. Don't wait for things to get back to normal, go and get good advice as soon as possible.

  • Hi I had bad period problems with severe bleeding not when it should have been but at odd times and guaranteed when I wa

    s stressed , eventually diagnosed fibroid and had hysterectomy. Ten years later ie last year I saw dr Skinner God bless him and he said it was prob due to thyroid problem ...if I had been properly treated and I was on thyroxine al this time I might mot have needed hysterectomy

    So get a good doctor !

  • Yes I had a period that lasted 2 years. I had a large fibroid removed but still did not stop bleeding until I started to treat my endocrine system. I nearly died from hyupothyroidism/ adrnal exhaustion. You will need to do it yourself. Read Dr Barry Durrant Peatfields book and Mark Starrs book Type 2 hypothyroidism . You will need to treat your own adrenals as well as thyroid and possibly use progesterone cream from Serenity Guernsy. The NHS does not know how to treat endocrine problems.

  • You need to do it yourself . Raed Dr Peatfields book and Mark Starrs book type 2 Hypothyroidism. The NHS don't know what they are doing.

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