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If my doctor treats my Hashiomoto's will my Pernicious Anemia go away?

I received my test results yesterday and it seems as if I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Pernicious Anemia. I am deficient in Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5/Pantothenate, Vitamin E, Glutathione, Folate, Vitamin D, Ferritin, DHEA and my testosterone is low. Before I was diagnosed my doctor put me on Vitamin D and DHEA. I have had to take large doses of Vitamin D 10,000IU daily and DHEA 25IU daily to be at the bottom of the normal range. My concern is that by treating the Hashimoto's the pernicious anemia will get better and then will I experience symptoms of too much Vitamin D and DHEA supplements or will I still need to take any supplements in addition to the Dessicated Thyroid? My Dr. didn't seem to know.

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Unfortunately, Pernicious Anaemia is like hyper or hypo thyroidism. They are all autoimmune conditions and they do not remit. Hashi's is the only one to go either hypo or hyper.

You should be getting injections for your PA regularly (usually 3 monthly) for life.


Thanks Shaws.

How will the treatment for the PA effect the other Vitamin deficiencies? For example, will it increase absorption of the stomach/gut so the other deficiencies will get better without having to take a handful of suppliments?


See my posts today to chihiro and country girl re hashi's. I strongly suggest you read up on the condition of auto immune disease. I do feel if you go gluten and dairy free your gut absorption issues will improve and therefore your levels, but you may well still need to supplement your vits and almost certainly need regular B12 injections. My Dad has Crohn's disease and pernicious anaemia and it is his family I get hypothyroid from.(half his siblings and his mother and half my female cousins all hypo) Hope things improve for you


Thanks Crimple! I am on a gluten free diet and I was on a dairy free diet. It seems as if I need to go dairy free again.


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