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Increasing dosage of Nature Throid


I am currently taking 3 grains but really feel i need to increase doase but each time i do my bp got up and so does my heart rate - should i stick it out at 3? Also am thinking of taking Spirilina too for health benefits, it does contain a little iodine - do you think that is safe to take with nature Throid? Advice would be appreciated x

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You say each time you raise Naturethroid your blood pressure and heart rate rises. Do they come down again after a while on a particular dose ?

Personally, I wouldn't add anything else till you get to a stable dose of Naturethroid. It is better to increase very gradually. Also you will then know whether your supplements are causing a problem rather than the Naturethroid.

Naturethroid is hypoallergenic, so I wonder why you are having a rise in your BP and heart. If it is a little while after you've digested it could be the T3 but it should come back to normal quite quickly. This is an excerpt re Armour another NDT:-

For most patients, the brief peak T3 level from T4/T3 or T3 products is entirely inconsequential. I have observed— scrutinized is more accurate—many hundreds of patients who were using Armour or plain T3. Not a single one complained of troublesome palpitations during the peak T3 level. And not one reported a symptom during that peak T3 time that intimated an impending heart attack. In fact, no patient reported a symptom that suggested even a mild heart dysfunction.

Go to the question dated November 27, 2004

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