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Hypothyroidism, Nature Throid

Hi all,

I have up till recently been using 3 grains of Nature Throid, however, the company I get it from seems to be out of stock for months now and don't know where else to buy it. I normally buy from <an internet pharmacy>. Does anyone else know where else I can buy this or even a similar Thyroid treatment. Without my medication I know I am going to go rock bottom!! I don't need to explain how bad my symptoms can become because those of you who have hypothyroidism, knows the negative affects.

Kind regards


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Debbie - I've PM'd you. It's against the rules here to name online pharmacies. It's likely admin will amend your post if you don't edit out the name yourself... :)


Jazzw can you PM me also for the name of the pharmacy. I am currently on Thyroid S and it has not improved my symptoms. I would really like to try nature Throid. I've heard many good things about it.




thank you for that information, I didn't realise! lol


Hi Jazzw,

Could you kindly PM me too? I'm struggling at the moment!

Thanks :)


The pharmacy you mentioned does have Nature-Throid - but not in 3 grain tablets. Could take 3/4 grain tablets? Or Erfa one grain? They also have some Armour. Cost might be higher than you have been used to.

My view is that it is a miracle that the pharmacy is operating at all.


You mean after the cyclone they had? Yes - I've been wanting to ask if anyone has managed to order from there. Though I also wondered whether they just had a brass plate presence there, rather than their actual distribution set up there.


They are physically present exactly where it appears. What their parentage and, shall we say, beneficial ownership is, well that is another matter. I don't know.


I have now managed to get 3 grain, Armour from that same pharmacy. I can tell you are am already feeling the benefits. Although it is more expensive, it is worth it. I only wish I used this from the start :(


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