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Hi all,

I have up till recently been using 3 grains of Nature Throid, however, the company I get it from seems to be out of stock for months now and don't know where else to buy it. I normally buy from <an internet pharmacy>. Does anyone else know where else I can buy this or even a similar Thyroid treatment. Without my medication I know I am going to go rock bottom!! I don't need to explain how bad my symptoms can become because those of you who have hypothyroidism, knows the negative affects.

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  • Debbie - I've PM'd you. It's against the rules here to name online pharmacies. It's likely admin will amend your post if you don't edit out the name yourself... :)

  • Jazzw can you PM me also for the name of the pharmacy. I am currently on Thyroid S and it has not improved my symptoms. I would really like to try nature Throid. I've heard many good things about it.



  • thank you for that information, I didn't realise! lol

  • Hi Jazzw,

    Could you kindly PM me too? I'm struggling at the moment!

    Thanks :)

  • The pharmacy you mentioned does have Nature-Throid - but not in 3 grain tablets. Could take 3/4 grain tablets? Or Erfa one grain? They also have some Armour. Cost might be higher than you have been used to.

    My view is that it is a miracle that the pharmacy is operating at all.

  • You mean after the cyclone they had? Yes - I've been wanting to ask if anyone has managed to order from there. Though I also wondered whether they just had a brass plate presence there, rather than their actual distribution set up there.

  • They are physically present exactly where it appears. What their parentage and, shall we say, beneficial ownership is, well that is another matter. I don't know.

  • I have now managed to get 3 grain, Armour from that same pharmacy. I can tell you are am already feeling the benefits. Although it is more expensive, it is worth it. I only wish I used this from the start :(

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