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Source of Nature Throid


Could anybody please e-mail me a source for Nature Throid. I am taking 5 grains a day and although I had a great doctor in Brighton that filled the prescriptions she seams to have fallen off the grid. I am looking for either a name of another doc (preferably in the North East Essex area) that is willing to do a private prescription or a reliable source where i can get it over the counter.

Thanks in advance


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Your own GP might be prepared to write you a private prescription. If not, email for a list of endocrinologists and private GPs.


Thanks for the reply.

My doc will not write a private prescription. I got my original doc from the thyroiduk list, Unless it's been updated health practitioners willing to prescribe NDT in the north east Essex area are non existent and Harley street is cost prohibitive.


Some doctors will write a prescription on a 'named-patient' basis (link below).

If someone knows of a source they will send you a Private Message as we don't post this info on the open forum. :)


I did ask if anybody could e-mail me rather than post on the forum.


Could somebody pls give me some guidance as to where I can buy T3 privately on the internet? Many thanks. Meera


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