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Has anyone tried any of the more radical diets out there to try and improve their health condition?


A good few years ago long before I became unwell I burnt myself out playing/working hard! The GP suggested Prozac, I said no thanks.

A friend suggested trying the Candida diet for a month, its a very strict diet where you cut out most of your regular diet. I stuck with it, got through the headaches, and feeling like crap. After 2 weeks started feeling some improvement and by the end of the month I had regained all my energy plus some and my mood was fantastic, and it helped kick start that next faze of my life...

So I am thinking that I would like to try this again, but not sure if my body will respond as well this time around, even if there is some improvement it will be a bonus as 4 years on I am not really getting nowhere fast, just unhappier, fatter, full of aches and pains and feel like a very old woman. I have been G/F for over 6 months and that has helped me, but I want to push it further now as the meds just do not appear to be working. I have tried T4, NDT and am currently on T3, my life has changed so much since becoming unwell I am the polar opposite of what I was, and to be honest I have had enough now of feeling like this. So if anyone that has or is using the different diet life style changes could let me know their experiences positive hopefully, but negative also if that is the case. The more I see and hear is that the gut is so very important in our overall health and just feel that it has got to be a positive thing to take this on, but I know it means massive dietary changes which is daunting, BUT then so is living my life like this for the rest of my life....

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Every diet contradicts another gluten free is the latest. In a Long line I have tried. Prozac is one of the ideas that been around for sometime. When your GP is trying to make out it's all in your head. The nasty things that have happened with Prozac.

The only other diet that was suggested was Muslim. By one of my Asian doctors. Haven't tried that one! Jewish is another.


missdove in reply to carolr

Gluten free has improved my symptoms, but clearly its not enough to make me completely better. So I will continue down the changing what I eat road, anything has to be better than this or Prozac!! Best wishes D

I was diagnosed intolerant to several foods including wheat, 15 years ago. I stuck to a wheat free diet pretty well.

& then 7 years ago was diagnosed hypo (very strong family history) and put on levo, felt better but not fully healthy.2 years ago my symptoms got worse and last November I felt very unwell. Asked the doctor for antibody test it came back +ve TPO and high levels.

I then started to read about auto immune conditions and how diet affects them. Decided to go gluten free and to reduce dairy intake. Just recently had another TPO test, my levels have come down!! I'm waiting for some private blood tests to establish a baseline for Vitamins, minerals etc. Once I have the results back I am going to try the paleo diet and see what happens! If that doesn't help I will try the gene test to see if I am one of those people who do not convert properly. No doubt that is when the real fun will begin as most NHS medics don't want to prescribe anything other than levo! It's all a steep learning curve and mostly you have to DIY as NHS is useless for thyroid sufferers. This site has been absolutely amazing, lots of very helpful advice and of course support from others in the same boat. best wishes on your learning curve.

missdove in reply to crimple

Well 4 years on I am doing it myself as appears to be the norm, as I have been let down badly by the NHS as have many. I suppose I just wanted to hear what others who have changed their way of eating thought...BUT clearly judging by the disheartening lack of reply's diet does not play a part in this process!!!! Anyway I am going to go for it as nothing else is working thus far!!!! I am sorry to hear about your crappy thyroid journey...Best wishes and good luck and thanks for your reply...:-)))

infomaniac in reply to missdove

I tried the Candida diet pre thyroid diagnosis, and like you, felt fantastic but the lack of fibre gummed my sluggish old bowels up! These days I am gluten free (and would never go back to the dark side), avoid soya, peanuts, raw cruciferous veg and fluoride...and feel crap so God only knows how I'd feel if I was eating what I want!!

missdove in reply to infomaniac

That's a shame, but interesting to hear your experience and its affect on you. I am also concerned whether I can maintain long term. I agree re gluten, I would never go back to it...I avoid soya, why do you avoid peanuts or is it all nuts? I know cashews, pistachio's are classed as mouldy in the candida world and of course happen to be my fave nuts! :-S

infomaniac in reply to missdove

No, thankfully it's just peanuts because they are a goitrogen (they adversely affect the thyroid).

Hi Missdove

Just found your post regarding diets. Well Ive had a lot of success since I found out about our need for magnesium. You don't need to change your diet too much except to start eating more foods containing magnesium this then stops the craving for sweets, chocolate, cakes and biscuits! I am 47 and the closer you are to the menopause means that your need for magnesium increases.

missdove in reply to starlight17

Thanks for that...:-)))

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