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Back and leg pain

Just thought I would post. Back in the summer I had a really bad time with back and leg pain, I couldn't walk up the stairs some days I was in agony.I had an xray showed mild wear and tear. Had MRI on my back this also showed wear and tear From all this I couldn't understand why I was in so much pain a most of the time.Blood test showed that I was borderline vitamin D defiency I have been taking Vitamin D oral spray as well as magnesium and multivitamin and vitamin b12 my symptoms are improving so I think it was the lack of vitamin D . Hope this may help anyone else who may unknowingly be deficient.

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It's a bit like the old saying - take care of the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves ! I firmly believe if we take care to have optimal levels of vitamins and minerals - the basics of the building blocks for the body - then we will find wellness. Best of course through diet - but most people seem to have absorption issues of one kind or another - so supplementing is fine by me.

Sadly Docs are rarely trained in Nutrition and seem to sweep deficiencies aside whilst they adhere to those damn ranges.... :-(

I had back surgery back in 2007 for stenosis. Now that I am on B12 injections I am beginning to think the spinal cord was compromised due to the B12 deficiency. Blood results were always mid-range - but then I was taking a good B Complex for years and years. The pain has lessened - just leaving the sciatica.

We live and learn....

Does your D spray contain K2 ? Sometimes VitD can increase your levels of Calcium and K2 ensures the calcium goes to right places. Too much calcium in the blood can be a problem for some - affecting the heart.


HI Check your vit D and calcium levels.



Thanks I have to have levels checked again in new year.


That's good you have some improvement by taking those supplements. I have had to take it much easier these last months due to stress and adrenal fatigue, normally I walk quite a lot, since easing up my back and legs have been much freer of pain, it is confusing as exercise is well promoted, can honestly say it has been a relief not to suffer so much with all the aches and pains. Am now trying to reach a compromise by not overdoing it.


I child mind my 3 year old grandson so walked miles with the buggy. i'd start out fine then really be in trouble.Can't believe I was deficient as I spent the summer outside, had loads of osteo treatment which didn't help. still have some pain so I don't think I have reached optimum level yet.


It frustrates me that vitamin D deficiency still seems to be dismissed by medics as a problem. I had many deficiency symptoms too, and only found out from reading here that a lack of vitamin D could be an issue. My endocrinologist was VERY reluctant to test for anything, but finally relented (probably to shut me up), and it flagged up that I was severely deficient. It took 2 weeks to get a prescription, and only because I chased up. As soon as a blood test showed I was "back in range", I was miraculously cured and, apparently, will never need vitamin D supplements again.

I know that I can take supplements myself, and I know that I can get private blood tests, but it would be nice to think that doctors could acknowledge this is a problem we might have, and deal with it effectively.


Wish someone would convince the NHS that we all react differently and treat our symptoms properly


If only electrolytes and all vitamins were tested for as the norm on a regular basis, wishful thinking I know. It beggars belief that we have to go down on our hands and knees to get certain tests especially when the results help to diagnose properly instead of wasting money on guess work and numerous visits to GP's.


I have found the same thing - the doctor said I was slightly low on Vitamin D and her NHS guidelines said that I should be given advice on diet, so she told me to eat oily fish once a week. I have been taking supplements as well and have found that a couple of random aches and pains, particularly the one in the sole of one foot when I woke up in the morning (?!), have disappeared. I wonder how much NHS time and money is wasted because people get expensive pills and referrals for something caused by low vitamin D.


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