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GP says going hyper...don't feel it...and fobbing me off re stomach problems

Hi all. Back again!

Recent results as follows. T4 22.2, range 11.5-22.7. TSH 0.044. range 0.5-4.8.

Currently on 125 of levo. GP said drop a 25 dose once each week.

My problem is, I still don't feel like back to my old self so how can I be over medicated.?

Also, am v worried that my abdomen/ lower part of stomach keeps on growing! GP said can't find any unusual swelling but I am in a lot of pain on and off, mostly on. He gave me some kind of laxative but now I just have looser stools, sore bum, (sorry,), and still the swelling! Feels like my bowel has just stopped working if that makes any sense? Even considered going to A & E cos have, what I can only describe as again, a swelling/pushed out feeling in area at top of thighs where your groin joins, and pain over pelvic bone. Anyone know what I mean?

Did message louise warvil for list of NHS and private endo's but heard nothing yet. Anyone have it please pm me.

Any thoughts, or similar experiences on the above very warmly welcomed.

Thank you

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Two things come to mind.

One is you may have a sensitivity to a specific brand of Levothyroxine, so maybe you can try a different brand?

Two is that i would not change your dose until your FT3 has been checked and you should insist on this, because you may have a T4 to T3 conversion problem.


Korkykat. I'm not saying you have the same, but I have similar pelvic/groin pain, and after X-rays and scans was told it was pelvic varicose veins.


You are not hyper your gp is wrong

irritable bowell, wheat allergy,coeliac all cause bloating stomach


Seconding previous poster who said you need your FT3 checked. Yes, your TSH is below range and your FT4 nearly at the top, but without the FT3, those results are meaningless. If you feel well where you are, do not agree a reduction in meds and insist on the FT3 test. If your GP doesn’t know about this (and believe it or not, some of them do not) he needs to read up on it. Don’t be fobbed off!

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Many thanks for your reply. I will ask for it and if he refuses then will ask for a referral. I do not feel hyper - and having Hashi's I should know as I've been there!

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Ask for an ultrasound it could be an ovarian cyst, they are pretty common in hypothyroidism and if big can cause swelling also can be pretty painful regardless of size.


Many thanks! Yes have a GP who goes by results, and yet he is best of bunch at my surgery....I can't let it go on as am in pain daily.

What rubbish is this thyroid stuff, and why do we have to fight so hard? Breaks my heart all the new posts. So many people, especially women, sufferring. I wonder why.....Thank you for your thoughts, and of course, your time. x


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