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Arm and Leg pain....possibly nerve related??


I am waiting for my 22nd August dr's appointment where I'll get the results of all the tests they did last week. My symptoms are getting worse and also I am getting new ones. My wrist pain (left wrist, and I am a righty) which I've had off and on for months (more so on nowadays) has moved slightly and is now going up the inner side of my forearm. It feels week, numb at times but mostly painful even if it's just resting on a pillow. New as of today I am having the same sort of week, numb, pain going down the front of my right thigh and into my lower front of my leg. The feeling is very similar to my wrist/forearm feeling so I am thinking it might be caused by the same thing. I am a bit nervous as I found out on Tuesday when back at the dr's office for allergy testing that my copper level was high (the nurse was nice to share that with me but my other results aren't in yet). Has anyone else experienced this pain in arms and legs?

Thanks in advance!

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This could be pinched nerves or something similar but it could also be the result of a B12 deficiency. Is vitamin B12 one of the tests they have done? If not I would advise that you get this done ASAP. The B12 test may come back in the normal range but that does not mean that it is adequate. An optimal B12 level should really be above 400-500 depending on the units used which is significantly above the bottom of the range (often less than 200!).

It could also be caused by the high copper levels as copper is required for good nerve conduction.

I hope you get some answers from the doctor and some relief soon.

Pink x


When B12 is below 500 it can become a neurological condition - so having it checked is so important. Did you read my recent post about B12 ? Click onto my name - then click onto Posts and scroll through :-)


Had also this issue, ankel joint pain, some muscular distress and a swollen finger joint. After countless negative tests (was scared to death about lupus) turned up low vitamin D...started with D3 supplements and had relief of joint pain in 3 weeks and swollen fingerin 8 weeks.

Perhaps it helps, best of luck!


Thanks PinkNinja, Marz and Caesard! I know the dr is checking for B12 and D so hopefully it's something related to those levels and not lupus as I am also scared it could be that. 10 more days till I get my results and know what is wrong with me, but who's counting:)


Make sure you obtain copies of your results with ranges. I am reading Martyn Hoopers book about B12 and PA at the moment - very revealing. You really need the Folate and Ferritin tested with the B12 as well. Do not accept normal from your GP regarding the B12 - it needs to be at the very top of the range. Will look out for your results. Best to put them in a new post so more people will see them and comment .....

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I was told to take zinc when I had high copper. Just a thought. Also, check vitamin D and B12 as others have suggested.


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