Newbie needs help re: Blood test results

Newbie needs help re: Blood test results

Hi everybody, I'm hypo, diagnosed a year ago, on Levo 50mcg daily. (Was on T3 as well but had to stop because of palps and other uncomfortable side effects.) Just had bloods done again after reading about low Ferritin. (Level was 30 a few weeks ago, now 28, 11-200.00 ug/L) I'd really appreciate some help as I've got debilitating fatigue, breathlessness, brittle nails, difficulty swallowing, palpitations, and I look so pale these days. Is there anything that stands out as I keep getting the usual 'everything is normal spiel. Thanks in advance. :-)

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Here's my starter! High MCV is a hypo sign, ferritin is too low, I think you need b12 and folate. There are people who know far more than me, so that's just to get you thinking :-)

Do you have your thyroid test results? 50 is a very low dose

Hi, I have thyroid cancer, have had half my thyroid removed and am about to have surgery on Saturday again....I have loads of hypo symptoms, but I have been taking a cocktail of vits, and I have built myself up amazingly, fatigue is my main prob, and weight gain, I have lost 3ib in 3 days, but it will be back on tomorrow. I take, vit d3 , magnesium, pure aloe, and a revolting black seed oil. I also try and get tblspn of coconut oil down per day, magnesium baths, plus coconut oil on skin and scar.....I only deal with the day, pray a lot, but I really do feel better, and I am on no medication.....

Hi Zoobidge. I just wanted to send you my very best wishes for your surgery. I hope all goes well.

Thanks Zoobridge, good luck for tomorrow!

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