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Newbie - Help with Blood Test Results Please

I’m new to this forum and looking for some help with recent blood tests.

I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism (Hashimotos) in December last year with a TSH of around 20 and positive antibodies. I was put straight onto 100mcg of Levothyroxin and gradually started to feel better. I had so many symptoms, but had not made the association, initially believing myself to be anaemic - which I was and started medication.

Over the year my TSH dropped and in around April it was 0.017 and my GP reduced my dose to 75mcg.

In September I was retested and TSH had risen to 0.75 and I was advised to continue on 75mcg.

On 16th November I was retested and results are as follows:

Serum Ferritin 20 (15-300)

Total white cell count 3.9 (4-11)

Haemoglobin estimation 128 (115-165)

Platelet count 376 (150-400)

Red blood cell count 4.41 (3.8-5.5010)

Haematocrit 0.4 (0.37-0.47)

MCV 90 (80-100)

MCH 29.1 (27-33)

Serum TSH 1.32 (0.3-4.4)

No T3/T4 results as GP wouldn't approve them.

As my TSH had started to increase and symptoms were increasing, I persuaded my GP to allow me to up my levo to 100mcg twice a week. I asked about iron tablets as I thought my levels were low but received a lecture on iron toxicity.


'm looking for advice on supplementing iron and any general comments


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PashaW Well, here we have another GP who thinks that bottom of the range is fine. For thyroid hormone to work Ferritin needs to be at least 70, it's said we need to be half way through the range but yours is a very large range. 100-130 would be about right for a female.

What medication were you put on for the anaemia and are you still on it. It would be foolish for a member to recommend anything to raise your ferritin if you are on something for the anaemia. Do you have recent results for a full iron panel ie Iron, TIBC and Transferrin as well as ferritin? I would have thought this is important to check on your anemia.

You really need your FT4 and FT3 and if your GP wont do them then if it was me I'd do a fingerprick test myself through Blue Horizon or Medichecks, then you will be able to see if your Levo dose is right.

As you have Hashi's, are you addressing this with being strictly gluten free and supplementing with selenium, both of which help reduce the antibody attacks?

It would be helpful to have Vit D, B12 and folate tests done as well, optimal levels of all vitamins and minerals are important for us Hypos.


Thanks SeasideSusie for your reply. I'm not on any meds for the anaemia now, but I still have a couple of packets of Ferrous Sulfate 200mg tablets left over from last year and was going to take 2 day.

Unfortunately an iron panel was not done, my GP (various in the surgery) think the anaemia is done and dusted - I'm not so sure after reading posts on this forum.

I have gone gluten free and eat brazil nuts for selenium, though probably do need to supplement with selenium, but at what dose?

I have to have a retest of TSH to placate the GP in 6-8 weeks as they're concerned that adding a total of 50mcg of levo a week will make me hyper and I was going to take a fingerprick test at the same time so I could check FT3 and FT4 and hopefully push for a higher dose.

When I told my GP I wanted to restest my thyroid levels as I was getting more symptoms, I was told that thyroid isn't responsible for all my symptoms, even though they only started to return when my levo was reduced. I don't suppose I'm alone in having a GP with this opinion. I think my symptoms are probably a combination of at least iron and thyroid levels. Hopefully if I get a fingerprick test of Thyroid plus from Blue Horizon I think this covers just about everything.

Thanks again for the help.


PashaW Doctors never cease to amaze me with their stupidity! How can they possibly know your anaemia is done and dusted if they don't retest? You can get an iron panel done with a fingerprick test, I've just done one with Medichecks as it was cheaper than anywhere else at £39 . It's up to you but I would do this before starting the ferrous sulphate again, it will give the complete picture and you will know if you are still anaemic.

Brazil nuts have to be grown in selenium rich soil to contain any selenium and unless it says so on the packet there's no knowing if you're getting any. I think I remember someone saying that Sainsburys mentions it on the packet but I don't know for sure as there's no Sainsburys near me. Supplementing is the best way to know how much you're getting, best to get l-selenomethionine and take 200mcg daily. Apparently a lot of selenium supplements can smell unpleasant. I take Cytoplan and there is no smell.

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Thanks SeasideSusie for your help. I'll order some selenium supplements and arrange the iron panel.

I may ask my GP to refer me to an endocrinologist as I have private medical insurance through work, and they may be a little more clued up on the complexities of treating hypothyroidism. Interestingly I recently was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder which the Orthopaedic Consultant said was probably caused by the autoimmune disease - I bet my GP would not have made the link.


PashaW If you are going to see an endo privately, then email for a list of member recommended endos. You only want to do it once (that's maybe all your insurance will allow anyway) so you want to get the right person.

Be aware that seeing an endo privately usually means they are still NHS endos and most of them stick to the guidelines. Hopefully you'll find an enlightened one. See who's on the list and ask on the forum for any feedback from members to be PM'd to you.

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Thanks. Hopefully I'll get referred to one who specialises in thyroid problems not a diabetic specialist who knows a little bit about the thyroid.

Thanks again for all you help


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