Four weeks now since I stopped taking indigestion medication and feeling very good!

Thanks to this site and sharing news I decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar instead of Omeprazole. Table spoonful in a juice , squeeze of fresh lemon juice and thats that. I haven't had any acid problems and the bloating has gone too. I had no way of knowing that when you get older/hypothyroid your acid production gets weaker too , when you get this sudden acid build up its actually a sign of that you are not producing ENOUGH of acid and this causes your stomach to use this 'reserve' acid which manifests itself by producing an emergency acid which in turns causes you this indigestion ....incredible eh! So doing the exact opposite and getting extra acidity in your system like apple cider vinegar sorts it pretty good!

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  • Hi thyroidhell. Im soo pleased that you have found the answer to your acid problem .ive been taking lanzoprazole 14 yrs,! I was recommended betaine tablets from a forum member and ive just started taking them instead. Been having mixed symptoms which included vit b12 deficiency ( maybe due to lanzoprazole for 14 yrs!). I wake up at night after acid reflux which I breathe in and srart to choke on. Its disgusting taste and burning in my lungs, trying to breathe and feels as if im going to drown! I will try the apple cider vinegar if the betaine is not suitable. Ta for sharing this. Nezzykins

  • Yes, I found ACV helped with my sudden chronic heartburn. I had rarely ever had it in the past but it came on all of a sudden kind of constantly and heartburn tablets only helped as long as I had one in my mouth. ACV helped for a while but it was still kind of treating the ongoing symptoms. In the end I found that hcl/pepsin alternated with probiotics - depending on how much protein I'm eating - has pretty much eliminated the problem.

    It had got to the point where my stomach was always sore - I could feel its outline under my ribcage - but now all is well.

  • Hi Nezzykins, I'm new here so bear with me. I too had been on PPI's for GERD (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease) but changed to HCL with Pepsin 2 years ago and have never looked back since. I had previously tried the ACV but found it not to be effective because I still had heartburn every day.

  • Oops, shows how new I am, that response was meant for Thyroidhell!

  • Hi Somersetlass

    I have to take PPI too but can you please tell me what Betaine and HCL with pepsin are and can you buy these OTC? Are they as efficient as PPI's?

  • Hello Hannah13

    I take Solgar's Betaine HCl with pepsin which I purchase from the health food store where I pay just under £7 for 100 tablets. I prefer this brand because it is gluten and lactose free. They are different from PPI's, in that these are anti-acids and reduces the acidity of the stomach, whilst HCl increases the acid level in the stomach to help you digest your food. They are helpful when eating meals containing protein. I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years but had developed Small Intestine Bacterial Over-growth (SIBO) and my GP referred me to a Dietitian who placed me on a carbohydrate restricted diet and she recommended ACV but that was not effective for me so I researched and found out about HCl. Needless to say the PPI's was given the hoof and eventually the over-growth cleared. You may find this site helpful

  • Thanks for the link Somersetlass - I will take a look. Do you find this controls your acid reflux though as I have to be careful to keep it under control because I have got some damage in my oesophagus which could turn nasty if i keep getting reflux. I would love to come off omeprozole but would need to know that it was being controlled sufficiently enough. Many thanks

  • A link re low acid:-

    I take Betaine/Pepsin tablets and found them very helpful too. I buy mine from Amazon.

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