Blurred vision? Is this a hypo symptom or shall I get my eyes tested?

I started to find that my sight was getting blurred if I focused on something for a while a couple of months after my partial thyriodectomy. I'm now on 50mg 1 day and 75mg the next. I had my sight checked last yr (pre meds) and its just off perfect ( 0.25 on each eye). Optician says he can give me glasses but I don't really need them. My eyes feel dry and a bit gritty but still produce tears. Think I'm becoming a hypochondriac!

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  • Get your eyes tested. Full stop.

    Yes, thyroid in all its vagaries can cause many issues with sight. Many will tend to resolve when appropriate thyroid hormone levels are achieved. But that is absolutely NO reason not to have a test.

    Dry and gritty should be dealt with. There are many approaches but something like LacriLube at night and ViscoTears during the day helped me when I needed them. Avoid any drops which contain preservatives - all too many people find that they are sensitised to them after a while, even if they started out tolerant. Some products are available in single-dose units in order to be preservative free. And use them frequently enough.


  • Thanks Rod. Meds aren't right yet and hopeless dr. Have made ap for sight test. My job involves close intricate work and find I need to look away and refocus. Opticians said come bk in 2 yrs and its not 1yr yet. Haha a relief if its not another hypo symptom

  • I have had lots of eye issues, so I am extremely sensitive to any changes in my vision (call it paranoid if you like!). My vision has definitely changed since I've been ill. Focusing really poor, can't follow text properly, colour contrast dimmed, dizzy feelings when trying to change focus. My actual tested vision is still the same, it's the perception that has changed. And my night vision is much worse. So an eye test hasn't shown any difference but my vision is definitely different. I hope it does resolve with treatment, I could do without it getting worse!

  • It is interesting to read that - I agree so much.

    Very few people seem to actually report as clearly as you have - I suspect mine was not as bad as yours, but very much in the same direction.

    I have described one aspect of mine as reduced depth perception - sort of towards 2.5D rather than 3D as it should be.

    There seem to be issues with the retina (insufficient vitamin A? insufficient B12? others things?), the optic nerve (possibly including some compression/pressure from a pituitary that has grown), and the various processing areas of the brain (maybe simply not enough thyroid hormone to support the processing required).

    For me, almost everything resolved with adequate treatment with levothyroxine - and taking some B12 tablets. I still find focussing not as good as once it was and some difficulty with floaters - I cope much better but it was never like this before thyroid.


  • Yes, my spatial awareness and depth perception has changed. I would certainly not trust myself to drive at present.

  • I agree HarryE too . Of course blurred vision can have other causes so it's worth getting retested if it persists. I'm sure my eyes change in shape and firmness dependent upon dose.

  • Yes, but this is not blurry like a consistent worsening, its very odd. I went for my check up at the eye hospital a couple of weeks ago so I know they've been thoroughly checked, thank goodness :-)

  • I have TED but also just read that my rubbish b12 results might be responsible for my colour (blue/yellow) perception changing which explains so much around my issues with energy-saving bulbs. HarryE how is your b12?

  • It was 410 (220-700) back in Feb, and I have been quite heavily supplementing it since then.

  • Yes, it is a hypo symptom but it is unlikely to show up during and eye test!! My sister explained it well she said it is like 'looking through a heat haze' I concur!! I am on NDT and I still get the very occasional bought of disturbed vision.

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