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Scary vision blackout, new symptom? Is this due to hypothyroid?

So I have a,ready established that I am hypothyroid, and a couple of members have said that my test results show that I am very hypo.

Last night I had to get up in to go to the toilet, it was dark but there is always enough ambient light to be able to see without putting the light on. As I sat down, my vision went completely black, I expected it to clear as you would normally expect if you've stood up too quickly for example, but it didn't. I sat there trying not to panic, and in the end had to stumble back to bed feeling my way. When I lay down it finally did start to clear after a while, but I also had rushing noise sort of tinnitus thing in my ears. That passed after a while too.

It really scared me, I have never had anything like that before and have no idea if this is yet another symptom of hypothyroid or something else, should I be concerned? I was on my own and will be for another week as my husband is away so I am terrified of it happening again. I am seeing my GP on Wednesday in response to my tests results

Thank you

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How horribly scary for you.

If it was me? I would go straight to the nearest A&E or to an opticians for an eye exam tomorrow.

I was recently diagnosed with the very early stages of Age Related Macular Degeneration at a routine eye test. There is no cure but I have been told to take yet more supplements *sigh!*. I was also told that if I had ANY loss of vision or disturbance I was to go back immediately or go to A&E.

Not saying that you have AMD (I'm not an optician :) ) but is an example of how sudden vision loss is urgent.


What supplements have you been told to take spongecat ? I have early AMD but haven't been told to take anything.


It is a macular carotenoid made from marigolds that contain meso-Zeaxanthin, lutein and Zeaxanthin. The food supplement is called MacuShield and they have a website of that name.

The supplement came about in around 2006 after some positive trials. Lots more information on their site. You can buy it in opticians or pharmacies without prescription and it's cheaper still buying it from A*az*n.


Thanks, I'll take a look at it, annoying that my optician didn't say anything.


Maybe it's the opinion of the optician or they genuinely don't know about it or think it's "just another supplement".

I don't care....I don't want to take ANY chances with my eyes on top of all the hypothyroid hoo-haa! :D


Hi, I'm going to call GP tomorrow and see if I can get in earlier to see him. I had my eyes tested not long ago as I was having constant headaches, nothing was found.

It's really odd, feels as though all the symptoms are suddenly increasing and that I'm rapidly going down hill 😕 Is that possible?


Going from light to dark I often find vision in one eye darkens to a blur .Going back to light cures it.


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