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How to tell what's a hypo symptom or not

Hi folks

I have still not had my appointment to discuss kidney stones or latest blood results, but (there always seems to be one) I am getting a bit concerned about some things that seem to be happening to me and just not sure if it could be related to my hypo status.

Firstly I has been experiencing pain in the joints of my hands even if I touch them, they have always ached and get stiff when cold (which is most of the time) I have these big fluid like lumps come up on my feet so much so that you can't see my ankle bones anymore and some of my boots are too tight now, I have been getting cramp like pain in my ankles but on the top part of my feet, it's agony and flexing my foot is so painful. The worst of it though is I'm irritable and worried I'm losing my mind, I know it's affecting my work but I genuinely am forgetting things, not everything but to put it into perspective I drive to work everyday and always go the same way and have done for years but just recently (please don't laugh) I get lost and I absolutely can't drive home the way I go to work as I can't remember the way, I could cry, what is happening to me 😓

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I'm sorry but I am not of much help (little experience) however I can tell you that I also have joint pain , fluid and aches and pains in ankles. I also get burning sensations.

I often forget things. Like how to get somewhere and also what I'm talking about. I forget appointments. All sorts.

I think that your symptoms could be down to being hypo.

I'm sure someone with more knowledge will advise you.

Hope you feel well soon.


All sounds like hypo to me!

Please Don't think you're losing your mind - although I know most of us go through that until we discover that we can get rid of these symptoms by getting onto the right thyroid hormone replacement, at the right dose.

However, it's not all about hormones. We do have to look out for nutritional deficiencies, too. Because they can cause - or exacerbate - the same symptoms. Have you had your vit D, vit B12, folate, iron and ferritin tested? If not, may I suggest you ask your doctor about testing them? Supplementing deficiencies can only make you feel better. :)


Greygoose, I am awaiting my appointment following parathyroid tests, my results are (26.10.15):

Serum Calcium 2.36 (2.15-2.55)

Serum Adjusted Calcium 2.26 (2.15-2.55)

Serum Phosphate 1.12 (0.81-1.45)

Serum Alkaline Phosphatase40 (35-104)


OK, well, let us know how it goes. :)


sorry hit the wrong key:

Serum Total Protein 67 (66-87)

Serum Albumin 45 (35-52)

Serum Globulin 22 (18-36)

Serum Urea 4 (1.7-8.3)

Plasma Parathyroid Hormone 80 (15-65)

Vit D Serum 21 (50-120)

Serum Vit B12 (10.09.15) 314 (197-866)

Serum Folate (10.09.15) >20 (4.6-18.7)

I was told my Bit B12 is within range, even though I said at 500 was acceptable, but I got waved away same as with T3 testing. Nothing mentioned about the Serum Folate being too high!

As I am feeling extremely agitated and frustrated at the moment I hope I can use these feelings to express my concern over the lack of correct treatment by my GP, wish I could buy him a book and say go read that then you can tell me what is and what is not going on with me.

Sorry Greygoose, don't mean to sound to angry.


Have you managed to implement any of the advice given to you in the last thread of yours 8 days ago. People suggested you addressed your VERY low B12 and VitD ? When your levels are optimal you will feel better. Hope your appointment goes well with the GP and that your Levo dose is raised.

Hope you soon feel stronger....


Geordi, You're not losing your mind. Slow thinking, lack of cognition and forgetfulness over daily driving routes are common hypothyroid symptoms, as are musculoskeletal pain and oedema. Bone and muscle pain can also be due to vitamin D deficiency which is common in hypothyroid patients.

Have you had thyroid and vitamin D tested recently?


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


they are all HYPOTHYROID symptoms

What blood test results have you got ?

and what treatment are you on ?


When my low B12 was undiagnosed I felt like I was getting dementia, and forgot where I was going when out driving. It's scary! If B12 is low, you won't be able to utilise the thyroid meds you are taking. It is commonly linked to thyroid problems. Please get more advice. The sensitivity to touch, and irritability are also symptoms. Best wishes MariLiz



I can sympathise with, I have experienced the same thing, forget how to get to work, when i was working, what station to get out etc!!!!!!!! :( people names!!

I dont understand how the doctors don't get this, its ridiculous I tell them my memory is so bad, i forget my passwords, account details, phone number days of the week etc, it has been real bad, so bad I no longer work because of it. maybe your medication is not high enough, I am no doctor or expert but I do understand.


Thank you for responding, when I tell people about it they just laugh and say "its getting old" that's your problem, for heavens sake I am 54 not 84

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well I'm 29, and was having these problems from 5 years ago now , so I do not concede!!!!!!!! People just don't understand


You are not getting old its this epidemic, the THYROID every time I speak with someone they tell me they know someone with it, its becoming and epidemic and the doctors have no real clue or undertstanding!!!!!!!!!! its actually getting out of hand thats how band, all ages all people!!! I think its to do with the food were consuming!


Stormx, sorry you have having these problems at a young age, suppose all your youthful get up and go, got up and left. I think the problem is people just don't "get it", its like mental illness, if you cant see it, it is ignored or misunderstood.


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