Lancashire "get-together"

A couple of us who met via this web-site recently got together in Chorley for a coffee and chat. It was great to meet someone else who understands and swap ideas etc.

At the end of the afternoon we said it would be really good to include others. We are next going to meet on Monday14th April at 2pm at Chorley Costa (Market Walk PR7 1DE). It has good transport links with Chorley bus station 2 mins, train station 3 mins. Also a car park (Flat Iron) 1 min.

We would like to keep it very informal, but if you think you would like to attend, please could you private message me so that we can keep an eye on numbers.

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  • I'd be interested in coming to your next one!

  • Hi Babette,

    Have just changed my original post, as when I checked, all of the details I had put in had disappeared!

    It would be great if you could get along.

  • Ah - unfortunately I can only do weekends. I hope the group is a huge success.

  • Hi Babette,

    We have said a Monday this next time, but are very open to other suggestions. A week-end is certainly not out of the question. Will keep you posted!

  • I'm in Lanc but more towards Cumbria. Any support group out here?

  • Hi Omega,

    As per Babette, please check out the post.

  • Pinned this for you...

    Drop me an email if I can interest you in any information/magazine back issues/posters...

    Or if you would like us to add this group to our list... :)



  • Hi Louise,

    Many thanks for this. Hopefully we should get a ground-swell of interest. Will drop you an e-mail when I get a moment.

  • Thanks, MacG..x

  • Hi MacG, do you still meet up in Chorley? Jayne

  • Hi Jayne,

    Yes we do, have private-messaged you about a forthcoming get-together on May 23rd.

    Best wishes

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