Hampshire Support Group Get-Together - Wednesday 16th October

Apologies for the delay but am now pleased to say that I've set a date. Details:

Wednesday 16th October 2013 at 11.00 am and the venue is Avenue Nurseries Garden Centre, The Avenue, Lasham, Alton GU34 5SU.

It is mid-way between Alton and Basingstoke, just off the A339 and there is a handy brown sign to direct you. It's around 10 minutes drive from the A339 on the one road if you follow this brown sign.


There is a large cafe with very reasonably priced offerings. Food is fresh to order and can be slow but definitely worth the wait.

Everyone welcome! An opportunity to meet other sufferers and share experiences in a relaxed setting.

Looking forward to meeting you.


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CG - is this one on our list..!? xx

Hi Louise. Sorry, I don't know anything about a list. Do enlighten me though!!

ooo, might scoop you up for it then! lol! Email me - louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org xx


Louise - is it possible for all Support Group Get-Together dates to be 'pinned' ? Thank you!

I'll have a go - good plan! :) Just need to remember to unpin them! lol! Unless you could just edit each time... xx

Thanks for the details but I shall be in France. Shall think of you all having fun and hope I can make the next one.

Lucky you being in France! Yes, do hope to see you at the next get-together.

aww I lived in Hampshire for 10 years and I've moved to London for uni now! Wish I could be there, hopefully there'll be another I can go to! Have a great time xx

Thanks. Do keep your eyes peeled for another one. I believe there will be one in the Reading area at some point.

Oh that'd be good for me to get to, would it be posted on here similar to this one?

Thank you! x


I will do my very best to be there, coming all the way from Hook!!

Is this the first meet or have I missed the others?

Excellent! First meet, as far as I know. Someone's got to do it!

Was it you who was asking about the Polish bread? It's from a Polish deli that's in the old part of Basingstoke, tucked away through an alley. Person couldn't remember the name but from digging around it could be Marylka Deli situated in Feathers Lane. Deffo not g-f though.


Yes it was me, I will have a look when I go to the library as its just up the road from there.

Any idea how many may be coming to the meet? Have you been to one before?

I don't know how many are coming. I was very impressed with the Bristol get-togethers, went to a couple of those when I lived in that direction.

I believe very strongly that people shouldn't feel alone with this condition and although one of the many thyroid symptoms can be an anti-social tendency (as I know full well), it's a good opportunity to have a natter with like-minded souls.

What I would like to happen is for Hampshire get-togethers to take place around the county almost on a rota basis. So, for example, the next one could be in the South of the county so folk from, say, Southampton could attend. Others could mean that folk from Berkshire/Surrey/Wiltshire/Dorset may not have too far to travel.

Brilliant idea to move venue. I'm in Bournemouth and would love to come.Wednesdays are good for me too.

Hi, I will try to come (although the Reading Group when it starts will be more convenient for me). Many thanks.

I am sure that it will be a success. Have fun! I really look forward to our meetings :-)

cinnamon_girl, thanks for your PM explaining where the pinned messages are - I'm ashamed to say that I hadn't noticed them before! When we arrive how will we know which group of people in the cafe to head for - will you be wearing a startlingly bright hat or waving a sign or something?!?

Looking forward to this!

I think the best plan is to take over a corner of the Cafe so tables can be joined together. Will try and come up with an idea for identification! Watch this space ...

I would love one nearer Portsmouth, what a good idea a support group is! I feel so alone with it all, x

Is there a support group near Oxford or Berkshire please?

I believe something is trying to be organised in the Reading area. You're welcome to come along to this, main roads, ie A33, lead to Basingstoke and then the A339.

Hi I'm in southampton I want to come to this but maybe a bit far plus I've got my little girl too. How do I keep track so I know when a southampton one is on

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