Worth mentioning to GP?

Worth mentioning to GP?

Hi, I'm due to see my GP next week and not sure whether or not to broach the subject of blue horizon results yet or put up with the symptoms for another 6 months or so to see if my TSH goes up so he takes more notice. I am in Bupa so could ask to see an endo but don't know if the changes are too minimal for an endo to bother with. I am symptomatic but hard to know how long for, as diagnosed with Fibro 5 years ago and CFS in 2012 after encephalitis...everything merges into one big mess! Thanks x

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I would not wait around for another 6 months

the Fibro and CFS rubbish diagnosis is already the start of hypothyroid

where in the country are you so we can pm you with a consultant worth seeing on BUPA

I'm in Manchester. Thanks x

I agree - don't wait around any longer. I hope you find help soon. x

I would strongly advise you to discuss these results with your GP. Apparently, Blue Horizon tests are taken seriously and you clearly have 2 out if range suggesting hypothyroidism. I would hope that this is good grounds for a referral to an Endo. If you have BUPA I wouldn't wait any longer. NHS often wait for a TSH of 10 to be reached for treatment to begin and this could be a long way off. Good luck.


I would take the results to your GP and request an endo referral via BUPA, after researching TUK's list.

If you wait 6 months your TSH will rise and your already low TT4 and FT4 will drop further and will struggle to produce T3. Your FT3 is already low in range. You would be considered overtly hypothyroid in most USA states and much of Europe.

My trainee GP wasn't at all happy with my FT4 at 14 (10-22) in Dec feeling it has health implications. It's generally considered FT4 and FT3 should be in the top 75% of range for wellbeing.

Thanks everyone, thanks Clutter. I know very little about the thyroid but am I right in thinking that if I leave it until my TSH is above range, then there could be actual damage to the thyroid which could lead to surgery etc, whereas treatment now would be a helping hand to the thyroid and simply top up what it is struggling to produce - or is that too simplistic (and naive? I don't mind - it really is a subject I have no clue about).

Thanks x

If you wait until your TSH is higher &/or above range you will certainly be very unwell and take longer to recover.

Your high TSH is caused because the pituitary gland is stimulating your thyroid gland to produce T4 (inactive hormone) in order to be converted to T3 (active hormone) in the liver. Pituitary will continue to output TSH ie nudge your thyroid until sufficient T4 is produced or taken in the form of Levothyroxine (T4), Liothyronine (T3) or NDT.

Your thyroid is damaged already because it is unable to function fully. It could become enlarged, or shrink until it is utterly useless, but timely medication could delay either. Surgery is usually only necessary for removal of nodules and goiters, not because the thyroid isn't working optimally.

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