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Is T3 at 1.7 nmol/L good or bad?...thanks - see lab range below

It says that the lab range is 1.3 - 3.1 nmol/L on the sheet and I m 1.7. I am back on levo as thyroid gold wasn't really working for me or I was0nt taking enough of it?...My TSH was 6.1 this time......but just wondering is the 1.7 at all relevant and do i need more T3?

Thanks for any input by the way .

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1.7 is lowish in range but may be due to your elevated TSH.

I think Thyroid Gold is a supplement and not thyroid hormone replacement. If you've only just started Levothyroxine you need to give it 6 weeks before testing again to see if your TSH has dropped and FT3 has risen or whether you need to increase the dose.


This link clearly implies that it does indeed contain thyroid hormones and asks some questions about other products:



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