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Is hemp protein good or bad?

I have lost weight and back down to 50 kilos.  Been eating normally,  no diarrhoea or anything like that.  I have no idea why this is happening again as I managed to gain 13 kilos three years ago , then lost few and was steady at 57 until December 2014.  Since I have had a flu every three months,  just normal flu,  no infections. 

Only thing that I changed was year ago started to take b12 , iodine and a bit more coffee.  Quit iodine last summer and developed asthma type of symptoms which was triggered by low blood sugar.  Eating resolved the coughing even though I could be nearly hyperventilating. 

Six weeks ago I realised I am only 50 kilos and felt awful.  Had another flu and now my temps are 35.5 compared to 35.8 I used to have.  Was not higher even weighing 60 kilos.  I am 166 cm.

I eat five times a day but I am not feeling hungry.  Just eat because otherwise I feel ill.  Adding potatoes back to my diet  helped to stabilise my blood sugar levels.  I eat them boiled,  then cooled and reheated as it develops resistant starch.  

Suddenly I do not have asthma type of symptoms anymore.  Just disappeared. 

I was wondering if adding some extra protein would help me to gain some weight and my own lying option seems to be hemp protein.  Is it good or bad for thyroid? 

Plus I have increased my portion size carbohydrate wise last fall.  Tho I used to be skinny eating lots of carbs and then fixed my eating 125 grams / day caused me gain weight three years ago.  Me confused again :( 

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Justiina, that all reads as very uncomfortable. 

Did you ever manage to obtain any private blood tests?  At one of Cityterveys Oy (17 cities in Finland)? I've no idea where in Finland you are but wondered if there were ever any special midweek/weekend hotel offers near the Helsinki location (or a city that's nearer to you) that would allow you to stay close enough to have a fasting blood draw at the testing facility?

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Yeah I have read what tests they offer and saving up money to get tested :)

 When the time comes I will make a new posting about all the tests I should take as some might have good ideas what tests would give the best picture of what is going on.   


Saving up for testing sounds like a decent plan.

I trust that you feel more comfortable now that the asthma symptoms have passed although it must be unsettling not to understand why they appeared nor they disappeared.

It's good that you feel that your blood sugar has stabilised with the resistant starch of cooled potatoes.

As for the hemp protein, a lot will depend on whether or not you enjoy eating it. I find it unpleasantly earthy but some people enjoy it if it is mixed with a chocolate flavour. There are some blogs with recipes for pancakes/muffins made with hemp protein.

There's no especial reason why protein would help you to gain weight: I find that a combination of protein and calcium is quite filling. If you find that you don't need to eat much when you have a healthy dose of protein then if you wish to gain weight, perhaps you might continue to obtain protein from food rather than risk supplementing it and decreasing your appetite?


True.  I am just very clueless of what to do. Can't eat much more carbs either as I do not eat junk food. I add nuts to my snack and try to sneak in every extra calories I can think of.  

I try to eat fat. Protein I eat three times a day,  on all warm proper meals. Fish, chicken or red meat.  If I add up all protein meat and others ,I get pretty much that 60 grams I should eat as currently I am not exercising at all except easy yoga and pilates and biking slowly.   I am a bit sceptical to add protein , but can't think of anything else I could eat.  Earthy taste doesn't scare me lol.  

I only had asthmatic symptoms around dinnertime except twice I had them in the morning before breakfast.  At some point I had it every day.  Just before dinner.  Found blogs of other hypo people having the same. Just around the dinner time.  

I could eat a bit then cough and feel like choking,  deep breathing and relaxing to clear my lungs and in 10 minutes I could eat rest of my meal normally and no more breathing issues.  That happened so regularly I was not worried about it that way. I had 0 symptoms during flu regardless how I ate.  

Now it has disappeared. Physical stress did not trigger the symptoms nor did -30 C.  

Don't know.  Unfortunately I have gotten used to get weird symptoms coming and going :/


The asthma wasn't brought on by a food allergy was it?


That was my first thought,  but I tried different food and found no correlation.  I am still eating same food without those symptoms.  

Hives I do get after eating something I shouldn't, but coughing was not present with hives or other flu like symptoms ie sneezing or stuffed nose I get after consuming dairy. 


B12 makes me lose weight every time I try it, so although it no doubt is good for one I tend to leave it out - although hypo. T I am thin and don't want to lose weight!


Oh! I thought it was B12 at first and doctor said it might have caused rapid healing requiring a lot of extra energy.  

But I did not lose a lot weight during the time I was on B12 daily basis. Now I am on lower dosage anyways as I could not get more benefit from high dosage. If I quit altogether I will end up getting headaches and constant yawning.  Was ridiculous to yawn all the time ,water running out of my eyes all day.  


Interesting - the docs. explanation about B12.  Pleased that you have found the dose that suits......good luck


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