Endo says thyroid is not the cause of my problems - now what?

I received a letter from the endo (registrar) who I had seen a few weeks ago which says...

"currently takes 150mcg of Levothyroxine and his thyroid function test revealed a suppressed TSH and a Free T4 of 30.7 pmol/L. Therefore I do not think his thyroid function is the cause of his tiredness. With regards to his raised ferritin and genotype, it may be prudent to refer his to a Gastroenterologist or a Haematologist for review. The remainder of his pituitary function tests are normal."

Bloods done on 7th Jan had my Free T4 at 13.20pmol/L. My TSH at that time was 0.07mu/L (I don't yet have the most recent result for TSH). Interestingly I was switched from Armour to T4 in Jan...

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Dx

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  • When was the FT4 of 30 from? 13 is very low, but 30 is over most ranges.

  • a few weeks ago

  • Can you get T3 tested? If you were taking armour which contains t3 that would explain your low t4 back then I guess. But high t4 now might suggest you are not converting it if you still have symptoms.

  • I've had a bunch of tests done (I think that included T3 & RT3) at the same time as the FT4 mentioned in the letter from the endo, but I've not yet been given those results

  • Did you feel better on Armour?

  • yes did feel better on Armour, but I gradually got worse on T4 and then felt like I came off a cliff after 6-8 weeks - I figure it's a lack of T3, but I'm unsure if/how that would affect the TSH and FT4

  • Fatigue/tiredness is a complaint of many, either undiagnosed or not on suitable medication. It's o.k. for the doctors to read the blood test results and then pronounce it's not the thyroid but they don't appear to be able to suggest to you how to fix it. P.s. when you give the blood test results put the ranges too as labs differ throughout the country and the range makes it easier to comment.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Yeah the endo has referred to the tiredness as if it's my only complaint and like it's straight forward. Unfortunately it's one of many symptoms.

    Thanks for the heads up on stating the ranges. Duly noted.

  • Could the problem be with raised ferritin/genotype ?

  • I honestly don't know. I've been told that while I have the genetic potential to develop haemochromatosis, I don't have it currently. My GP said that while the raised ferritin levels were high there was no action required (or indeed available) except to monitor it on an annual basis.

    Janie Bowthorpe (Stop The Thyroid Madness) suggested it was toxic levels and that in was likely an indication of inflammation which could be addressed by taking anti inflammation sups (turmeric and astaxanthin, along with giving blood to reduce the ferritin levels).

    Ferritin 406ug/L (range 15.00-200.00ug/L)

    What I do know is that while I'm not well by my definition, I'm a whole lot better on thyroid and adrenal (HC) meds.

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