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T4 results have gone up? what does this mean? & best levels for conceiving a baby

Hi -

i'm 34 and have been hypothyroid for 10 years after likely Hasimoto's and earlier glandular fever, I keep learning more and more about it then i forget it all it seems! my brain still goes fuzzy and concentrating or remembering can be hard. I am not normally one for posting but I am just feeling somewhat fed up with this condition now. I am always tired (especially in the early evening when i can even feel physically sick with it), feel irritable/emotional most of the time, find it hard to sleep, itchy, aches and pains, recent carpel tunnel in both hands, slight cold sweat feeling esp on my neck which feels sore, headaches and my cycles are still somewhat irregular (which is upsetting as I am trying to conceive my second child, 1st was a bit of a fluke! considering my TSH was around 5! at the time and FT4 14 that was in 2011) thou it was quite well controlled and monitored during my pregnancy and afterwards.

In 2013 my TSH did shoot up to around 5 again (can't find the result at the moment) but it has since been fairly low since (under 1.0)- I take 125 Eltroxin which I get from Spain as I am pretty sure i felt worse on Levo when I took it.

last June 2013 after it had been 5.0 TSH I got down to

T4 - 13

TSH 0.4

now I been feeling rotten for weeks along with a flu cough type thing I cannot not shake - so it might be that but, I never seem to feel well..and i'm fed up with it

results this week

T4 - 20

TSH 0.78


my T4 is normally around 10-14 max 17 its never been this high - can anyone help explain to me why it may of changed and yet still feel rotten? I am confused why it might have changed and thought that it was ok if went up but not down, yet i feel worse on it higher than lower?

Trying to conceive

I have been trying to keep my TSH below 2.0 as I read in the past for conceiving it was best between 0.5-2.0 max, does anyone have any thoughts or advice on this too? I cannot rely on my past experience with my daughter as she was a real surprise after a long time and feeling pretty ill at the time anyway.

many thanks

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FT4 of 20 would usually be considered desirable as there is plenty of the inactive hormone to convert to T3 in the liver.

Low TSH is needed to conceive and for successful pregnancy. See your GP as soon as you suspect you're pregnant as protocol states that meds should be increased by 50mcg ASAP and throughout the pregnancy.

Firefox can't find pages I've linked to so check out Scroll down to the bottom for links to pregnancy, childbirth etc.


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