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Thyroid blood tests

I have been to GP today to see about getting all the blood tests for an Underactive thyroid the nurse said I have to have appointment with GP to see if he will consent to me Haveing them.My question is can he consent to them,or do I have to wait until I see my Endocrinology consultant .Problem being I don't see him until next January.Also how would I get them done privately and how much would it cost.

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Gemini, your GP can order thyroid blood tests while you're awaiting your endo appointment. You can order private tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via


That sounds good Gemini - I would follow the advice of Clutter. Also add the other tests I suggested - The Famous Five - B12 - VitD - Folate - Ferritin - Iron - if they have not been done. If your Doc does the tests then they may exclude the IMPORTANT ones - FT4 and FT3 and the Anti-TPO - Anti-TG - if your TSH is in range. That's how so many people remain undiagnosed or incorrectly I would splash out and have them done privately - then you can have tested what you want....

Good Luck :-)


I just like to say thank you Marz for your kind concern,I just wish I was as educated as you on all this.I have spent a lot of time reading on thyroid and all the problems it can cause and to be quite honest with you I still don't understand much.I think it's unbelievable that we put so much faith in our GP, consultants and such and yet we can get more information on here. Thanks

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I know you are right - it is a very difficult one. May I suggest you just keep reading the posts that may be relevant to you - or that interest you - and soon it will fall into place. People here are very helpful and everyone wants to be well - which is positive. If you mention your other conditions at some point in connection with the thyroid - it may generate some comment that you may find helpful.... eg is RA and thyroid connected ?

I think when you have the tests - and then the results - things will start to mean something to you as people will comment. It will be your personal results and the comments will then be meaningful - and helpful. Having read so many stories on here so I am so aware that the FULL thyroid test is the only one that matters. Just testing the TSH for someone like you that suffers with many things is simply not good enough and the Docs are not doing their job. Sorry to be blunt. You could of course ask the opinion of others on this forum - it might be useful....

If you click onto anyone's name that writes in a way you like - and then click onto Posts - you can read what they have written....I find that helpful.


I would go through your GP and have a recent print out of your results for the Endo.


I have used Blue Horizon, they are offering a Comprehensive V test for about £120 during August and that includes getting phlebotomy at a Spire hospital. I also asked for TPO antibodies and free T3 to be added on for about £50. I think we should start a campaign about how Thyroid patients are discriminated against by GPs not offering tests/treatment. Diabetics are treated rather differently. At the end of the day I just want my health and my life back so I pay! Without this site I would still be in the dark and also very ill. I have found it invaluable. It has given me the confidence to go down DIY route, hope you feel you can do the same


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