Sigh :-( fed up today :-(

Hello lovely people,

are any of you aware of the bare faced selfies that are being posted on Facebook for cancer? If you don't, its for breast cancer and you are nominated to post a photo of yourself on Facebook without any make up, then donate and hopefully it encourages others to donate and do the same. My Facebook friends are nominating me to post a photo of myself barefaced. Well….took about 30 photos this morning without any make up on and they are dreadful. It isn't the bare face that bothers me its the puffiness over the eyes and the bloatedness in the cheeks. I found some old photos before I was diagnosed and I looked different. I look as though I have aged 10 years in the last couple. My neck looks all wrinkled too, Im only 45. It made me cry. Do you ever go back to looking like you used to once your medication is ok and you are where you should be? Please say you do :-(

Im not having a good time at the moment. I think Im under medicated, Im having to lay down as soon as I get home from work with exhaustion, my hair is fallen out again and I am bloated and fat. I had blood tests done on Monday so still waiting for those results, Im with an endo so Im not too worried, she will help me but its just the waiting in between when you don't feel good. I hate hate hate this disease and it fills me with dread when I think I will have to live with this for the rest of my life.

Sorry to moan xx

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  • I'm too tired to put makeup on 90% of the time so I see my bare face more often than not and am used to it. :-)

    I was very bloated but face went back closer to normal when I took t3. Now face swells intermittently and I notice it when it does.

    Hope endo gets back to you asap and helps. Some meds (or change of dose) - t3, ndt - can start to work quickly, so hopefully you will be feeling better soon.

    Top tip: hold camera over your head and look up to take photo. Makes you look younger. xx

    PS. Just remembering that before I was diagnosed I went very grey in the face and old looking and I remember well how much better I looked after treatment. It doesn't just get worse - sometimes it gets better. xx

  • Ha ha!! Thanks for the tip! Endo thinks its time to try to some T3 just need these blood results first to see how iron & fit D levels are coming along. I don't think I would bother with the make up any more if I didn't have to face people very day. I suppose its something that I still care! There was a period when I didn't. Thanks for answering, it gives me a little hope that I may look more like my normal self in time. In the mean time I think I will avoid looking at old pics!! x

  • Great! T3 works quickly so hopefully you'll see a change soon. Helped me so much with bloating, it was like a miracle. Are you seeing a private endo or nhs? x

  • Private endo - I found one via this site in Leamington Spa, she has been a god send. How about you? xx

  • I hear you, 44 yrs and also look bloated and I too thought texture of skin on neck changed. Just been to town and within 5 mins of parking up felt shattered and was trying to work out what was essential and what else could wait till another day. My knees feel bloated too.

    I am seeing private dr again in two weeks. he thinks i may have a reverse t3 problem as I am on 3 and half grains ndt and although its improved me a bit I am way off still.

    Saying all that I feel I am slowly working it out with his help and this site. Hang on in there and keep educating yourself and pushing for better health from your endo. Despite feeling like this i am confident I will get there, and you too :-)

    Btw make up always makes me feel better. Day after birth of son was putting it on and sister laughed at what makes u feel good. Sod selfies for charity at the moment, look after yourself first and avoid things that make you feel crap if u can.


  • Omg, yes - neck! My neck is horrible and crepey and saggy, and saggy jawline. x

  • Thanks Cat - you are right, sod selfies for charity right now! Ill make a donation anyway without the pic.

    Im glad you've mentioned the neck too. I was looking at my mates (same age) photos and looking how smooth their neck looked in comparison to mine. Wonder if that will ever go away??

    My knees are bloated too and my ankles. I hate it so much. I looked 6 months pregnant last night, the only plus is that my boobs are a bit bigger too!!

    I have spells when I feel confident that I will get better and really do feel better too and then I go downhill and get all negative again :-(

    This site is truly amazing, don't know what I would have done without it.

    Hope you managed to get all your shopping done, its a nightmare isn't when you get that cloud of tiredness surrounding you and all you really want to do is go home and lie on the sofa! We had to have soup last night as I just couldn't make it to the supermarket after work to buy any dinner, hoping I may get there tonight…..!!! xx

  • Oh crap reminded me got nothing out of freezer!!...step away from Loose Women :-)

  • Ha ha!! They get on my nerves. But haven't seen it for ages and I think they have changed the women. The old ones used to make me shout at the TV (but then that was pre diagnosis so it could have been the thyroid talking!!) I know Holly Willoughby used to suffer my wrath too pre diagnosis!! I can tolerate her now, ha ha! xx

  • Take a look at my photo. I hate it! Im 47 and look and feel much older. I looked totally different a year ago. I actually pass old friends and acquaintances and they say hello look away and then look back. I can read in their faces that they think blimey shes put on weight. Wonder if I will ever look or feel myself again. I have even had to remove my wedding ring cos of horrible sausage fingers!

  • Oh bless you, I can relate to that 100%. I no longer wear my wedding ring because of fat fingers. And I moved out of the village I now work in three years ago - now I am back, I just know people are looking at me thinking "she's put weight on" :-( I feel like putting a sign on the shop door saying "please don't judge me, I have a thyroid condition".

    Are you on the correct medication? How long have you been diagnosed?

  • I am trying to get a diagnosis so not on medication yet. Im seeing Endro on 1 May. Fingers crossed things will improve then.

  • Oh yes, fat fingers crossed for you, poor thing xx

  • Thanks. That made me smile x

  • Yes wedding ring in drawer for eight yrs!! and have always had serious stomach on me, akin to third trimester least we r not alone.

    Good luck with your appointments ladies and let us know how you get on.

    Can't wait for the day I can shout about my good health on here!!


  • I'm the same I had dark circles and my eyebrows are so fine at the outer third and my roots need done. My lips so pale . I sent my selfie to my sister and said omg do I look this bad. She said it doesn't look like you. I'm thinking now it's my photography skills I'll stick to lots of moisturiser and good make up;)

  • Aww Meg, I showed my husband all my selfies and he said it didn't look like me too. I don't think taking photos with iPad is a good idea but then again, all the ladies on my Facebook feed are using iPads and they look ok! I put a post on my Facebook last night explaining why I wasn't going to put a selfie up, then deleted it half an hour later as I felt stupid, it is after for cancer, which can kill so I think I might be being a tad dramatic but it's how I feel with this awful condition. Still feel miserable today!

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