Just fed-Up, Heartbroken, Upset Am I hyperthyroid and infertile now?


I am really upset as I write this, fed-up! I just came back from the endo and I don't feel like it was what I expected. My T4 now shows that it is now 27 which is not good he said and I wont probably ovulate with this or unlikely to get pregnant. He said to take 50 mcg of levothyroxine mon-fri missing Saturday and Sunday and this will bring it back down to 23. Anyone got experience with this ?

Last time I think my T4 was 16.4 I'm not too sure but I think that is right. I forgot to ask my TSH level. What is it likely to be with that T4 can you link it and figure it out to help me out for now?? I will call in the morning and ask for the TSH.

He asked if I had polycystic ovaries , I don't. But I think this levo is messing me up and having this effect. Because on the last scan they saw two cysts one in each ovary and I thik this can mean polycystic not too sure. The levo must have cause this. I need to bring my numbers back and get my fetrility on track.

I still have retained pregnancy tissue , a messed up thyroid level. I assume my period will not come until I sort out my T4. It seems I should have taken 50mcg mon-fri and skip the weekends, he said to try this. Can I get my fertility back and how long will it take to get from 27 to 23 in T4 levels. Please I need lots of replies. Feeling so heartbroken my chances of a second baby look like they are getting further away from me.....

Oh and thyroid peroxidase levels remain at 109 unchanged.

Follow Up appointment on this page -Scroll down


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  • Your fertility has nothing to do with your FT4 or your TSH. It's your FT3 that is important. If that is over-range, then yes, you are over-medicated. But just because your FT4 is high, doesn't mean your FT3 is. It's highly unlikely that you are over-medicated on 50 mcg Levo. I'm not sure this guy knows what he's talking about.

  • I was only told the FT4 and antibodies results, so don't know about the T3. I will call tomorrow and ask for T3 incase it was tested.

    My TSH was 0nly 1.73 before they put me on 50mcg of levo so though it might be overmedicated.

    Thank you for your reply greygoose makes me feel a little better.

  • You're welcome, orangepie. Hope you get things sorted out soon.

  • Orangepie,

    You've more chance of conceiving with FT4 27 than FT4 bottom or below range. You are very mildly overmedicated. Skipping 2 x 50mcg doses means you are averaging 35.71mcg daily which is a small reduction and your FT4 will be back in range within a couple of weeks.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Yay thank you for this reply! You've changed a frown into a non-frown. This makes sense to why he said this then. I was just very confused as we only have like sort time slots with these specialists and there lots of people waiting to see him. So I was asking questions but still was left confused as I could see he had a lot of patients to see still. Yes he said that too , that he wants my T4 in the upper range. I just need to take a deep breath and maybe just taking this may help my next pregnancy.

  • Orangepie,

    Given the amount of miscarriages you've had it's not surprising you have more questions than answers. Next consultation don't worry about how many people are waiting, ask your questions. Apart from 1 consultation, I usually wait more than an hour to see my endo. I've never begrudged the waits because I've never been rushed through a consultation when I was probably over running my slot and, as I'm not symptomatic now, I'm usually in and out in 10 minutes.

  • Well I have a follow up in 8 weeks. Hoping I am pregnant by then so will have a list of questions this time round...Whether they will be answered or not ... will see

  • I've had a couple of miscarriages and afterwards read that it is best to wait 3 months before conceiving again after a miscarriage as early pregnancy uses up a lot of resources and can leave the woman depleted. Maybe ask your doc about whether this is current advice. Good luck X

  • Hello thanks for the reply. The GP and EGU said to try after one period .http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-10880232m

    Recent article

    Did you have successful pregnancy in the end

  • Yes, two.

  • "My T4 now shows that it is now 27 which is not good he said and I wont probably ovulate with this"

    As far as I'm aware this is alarmist nonsense.

  • He said it is unlikely to get pregnant with this level, there must be a reason to why he said this....

  • Ask him.

  • Ha ha. If only

    They don't go in to that much detail and tend to shift the topic and just tell you the the facts due to their time slots. For example, your T4 is too high, so you need to do this.. And I might not be able to give you the steroids as you antibodies are not too high.....

  • Leave the question with his secretary. That you didn't really appreciate being told you'd be left infertile with no further explantion - because that's cruel. Was that his intention? Was distress his intention?

    Tell them you'd appreciate a response.

    Sorry Orangepie, this must be very tough on you. xxx

  • well the positive is the T4 will remain in the upper range when I reduce weekend doses

  • Orange, I've noticed that they tend to say the first thing that pops into their heads, whether it's true or not. They have no idea if it's true or not! They just make it up as they go along, to make themselves look knowledgeable. So many times I've heard one thing at one appointment, and the complete opposite at the next. You can't really believe anything they say, you need to check it al, for yourself. Thank god for Internet! :)

  • Orangepie, did you take your levothyroxine on the day of the test?

  • No I made sure I didn't.

  • Orangepie have you looked at diet as a tool to fertility and in avoiding miscarriage at all? A long time ago I had a friend who had miscarriage after miscarriage. She did succeed in the end and had twins - one of each :)

    Good luck to you.

  • Did you get your other results from the doctor Orangepie

  • Nope, I am waiting for them to contact me, seems the GP may want to talk to me.

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