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How to survive Christmas

I can already feel the tension mounting...more pain in my neck and shoulders....why do we do this,,,its one day after all...i think im conditioned to make sure everything is perfect.

I know i cant do this on my own so i got someone to help me and cooked almost everything and its now in the freezer just ready to be re-heated. Iv done this in the past as im not well enough to cook a meal, we get meals ready for the week including breakfasts,put them in foiled containers freeze and there for me when i need them.

Just wondered if anyone else had any tips to survive not just Christmas but other times too.

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Hi there.....Yes it's Christmas again....How does it manage to come round so quickly every year and put us all into a state of turmoil?

I get stressed about it too.However,I would say that you are doing well by the way you have organised things and should be pleased with what you've done.We should sometimes stop and give ourselves a pat on the back.

I do batch cooking every six weeks or so to be able to freeze down Braised beef casseroles and hubby makes a good veggie curry.We put them in containers for two,so we have at least two easy days a week.Basic mince is a good one to freeze as well as it's so versatile.

I guess for most of us we don't relax at Christmas until the main meal is cooked and served do we?

Don't forget to have some YOU time over the's important to relax isn't it?

My indulgence is to run a lovely warm bath before bedtime adding in some Muscle Soak and turning on some relaxing music on Classic FM on my portable.There are lovely carols each night at the moment.I can sink into the water and soak the day away.

It does wonders for the tension in your shoulders!

Then each morning is a fresh new start.....but that's just me !

Well that's all I can think of at the moment....but I wish you all the best for your Christmas and let's hope that 2014 will be a better year for us all.X


Thanks forall your replies... we all deal with it differently and survivie it the best way we can....Merry Christmas everyone


I think you are perfectly normal. Good for those who sail through the day happily awaiting its arrival looking like an ad for Happy Christmas on television. Most people I talk to dread it and can't wait to be done.

I used to go away with my husband on the 24th/25th somewhere warm. We have 3 grown up kids and they didn't mind at all . Now my husbands parents are looking old and frail so here we are until 27th, not happy about it but we'll just have to do the best. You are in plenty of like company!! Happy Christmas!


I am not a Christmas woman. Once kids stop believing in Santa it feels like a slog that women really shouldn't buy into. Always think if men were to take on Christmas it would last one year. After that they'd just sensibly go to the pub. If I was religious I'd probably love it and ignore the commerce. I'm not and loathe the money-sucking pressure that starts at the end of August. I just don't get it. This year sent minimum of cards, gave money to charity, told older kids it's one present for them and I don't expect one. Just be glad to eat lovely meal (that is going to take maximum of 20 minutes to cook thank Jamie Oliver) with people I love and then chuck out every decoration as soon as possible. Oh and yesterday feeling totally bored with it booked to go abroad for two weeks next year jetting off on 23rd. Feel immeasurably better once I'd put phone down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds like my idea of heaven! lol! I am counting the years till my kids are old enough!


There is a very very simple solution. I (we) don't do it! I am, as we speak, sitting watching TV, deliberately not going out there until it's all over. I sent a couple of cards to my close friends and family. I won't go out and get presents when I'm told to by the TV. I record everything I watch on TV so I can fast forward past the annoying music and the god awful adverts with their ridiculous snow, santas and jingling. My family do the same, my friends do the same, we all then meet up after Christmas and the New Year, when we all want to and there's no pressure. I learned in an assertiveness class I took once, that you don't HAVE to do anything, you do what you want and what you need. Why stress yourself out? Have Christmas off, it's great and please,anyone that might tell me that I'm a Scrooge, I'm not the one running around like a headless chicken making myself ill! The best way out is to go away for a few days, somewhere where no one can find you! As the song says, "Somewhere only I know" !


I'm with you Phoebs! We're not Scrooges! It's just another day! A Wednesday! :)




Here, here, ladies!

I'm going to get some overdue decorating done over Christmas. And I have bought a free range chicken. End of.


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