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Update from follow up

Hi everyone hope you are all well, i have now had my follow up appointment and the results were good its not cancer or anything nasty it was as they expected a multi nodular thyroid

The doctor also sent me for a blood test to check my calcium and thyroid levels and i got the results yesterday and they are both fine even though it is a bit soon for my thyroid, some days i feel tired right from when i get up and some i get really tired by early afternoon but i also haven't been sleeping well as i sadly lost my dad at the end of march he was only 66 and i miss him so much i feel lost without him we only had the funeral just over a week ago and sometimes it still doesn't seem real i still expect to see him when i visit my family

My wound is healing really well and i don't really have any pain too and i have another appointment in june at the hospital about my levels

Thank you for reading this, take care x

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Glad your results were good. Sorry to hear about your dad. Life is tough sometimes, isn't it?


Cloudwalker, first of all I am very sorry your father has died and I understand the bereavement and it will take a little while for you to come to terms with him not being around now. 

No matter how long a parent is deceased we still remember and think of them often.

Re your op, I am sure you are relieved to have nothing untoward going on and wish you a speedy recovery.



I'm glad to hear the tumour was benign and you're healing well but I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your father.

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So dorry to hear your needs about your dad. It takes time to come to terms with so take care of yourself. Great news that bother untoward was found so rest, relax and let the healing process do its job. Such a lot to cope with so be kind to yourself. 


Thank you so much for all your replies and kind words i am so relieved that my results were good i am just sad i never got to tell my dad i was okay, take care everyone x


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