Me and NDT

I started my NDT on Saturday, just on Saturday, just 4 days ago! I cannot, truly cannot believe how much better I feel, it's amazing! I have started really low, just quarter of a grain first thing and another mid afternoon and I know it will need increasing, but blimey it works! :-D

I still have a bit of pain, and still feeling weak, but finally, some progress.

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So pleased for you Harry. xx

That's great news HarryE, good luck!

Harry, I've been itching to know how you are doing but thought it best not to be too nosey :-D

I'm so pleased for you. Once you're optimally dosed I expect the other symptoms will also resolve.

Really glad to hear you are feeling better on NDT. It took me ages to get the dose exactly right (in fact still fine-tuning), but certainly worth all of the effort :) xx

Which pretty much confirms that you are right and the endo is an idiot that hasn't got a clue ;)

So glad it's working for you :)

So pleased to read your news - thanks for sharing ..... :-)

Oh, and the lump in my throat has gone!!

That'll be the placebo effect, said in a disinterested endo type voice ;) >>>>> I'll get me coat & hat and leave quietly.

Oh !!!!! I thought only the Endo I saw said the placebo thing ! Is it quite typical of them ? I thought mine was just particularly dense :)

No, it is a favourite of gp as well. :-)

If a placebo works, I'll happily take the placebo!

Lol- you are funny x

Good news, onwards and upwards.x

So pleased for you. X

Yes, I have been keen to hear how you have been getting on and very pleased it is working! :-)

So glad it is working for you.

It gives us all hope.

Hi HarryE, what great news. It must feel wonderful to start feeling improvements so soon. Obviously what your body needed.

I'm intrigued, where did you get your armour?


I've bought Naturethroid, not Armour, online. Can't post websites but PM me if you like

Did you have to buy your Naturethroid from America? Ive been searching internet to buy in UK but can't find anyone without prescription. Would really appreciate you letting me know where u bought it :-)

Delainy, check out stop the thyroid madness for online suppliers

Thanks Hellbell, will have a look

Nature-Throid is a prescription-only medicine according to UK law. You will not find anyone selling it in the UK. If anyone did, they could go to gaol.


I'm also intrigued, how did you decide to go on NDT, does your GP support you? I would love to try this I have never felt so fed up with myself!

GP wouldn't treat me as TSH in range. Had a private blood test which showed sky high antibodies, so agreed to endo referral. That has been useless so I just decided to go it alone, with all the info and support from all these wonderful people. I am not prepared to sacrifice my life to these idiots who are supposed to have gone into the medical profession to help people!

It great to read that someone has been successfully treated,( I expect after a good fight) did your gp prescribe Your NDT? good luck Bev.

Nope, flying solo bev!

Me too

HarryE Good on you! Thinking about doing the same! Can I PM you?

Of course x


I have sent you a PM

Hope you do not mind

Thank you

Really happy for you

I have sent pm sorry I think we all have lol

Harry - have you been diagnosed? - what was your last TSH FT4 FT3 VitD ferritin folate & B12 & did you have some success with glandular supplements first?

OK questions asked.........- well done you! feels good 'coming out' doesn't it? lol!

What do you reckon is causing your pain & weakness? have you been labelled CFS/ME like me too? (mine was low Vit D - could be anything really) J :D

Not by a doctor, just by me! It's pretty obvious from my bloods. TSH increased from 3.3 to 4 (0.3-5) and FT4 decreased from 14.4 to 13 (9-25). Only had FT3 done privately and that was low too. TG antibodies up from 1007 to 1823. Have been off sick since early January. Have been working on vits/minerals since then, and have been taking nutri adrenal too. Had taken some nutri thyroid too, and it helped a bit but I needed something stronger.

I haven't been labeled as anything yet because I have just kept insisting it's my thyroid and refusing to discuss anything else! My private bloods showed that right back in early January and unless they come up with a convincing alternative I'm ignoring them. No one has suggested anything else viable, they just keep refusing treatment on TSH. Rather a lack of imagination, in my opinion!

And , if I didn't need thyroid hormone, it wouldn't make me feel better would it???

Exactly the same happened to me and I've got to tell you 18 months later I'm still feeling good , even lost weight ! Congratulations x

Excellent news, well done!!

So happy to hear you're feeling better, Harry! I'm in the same situation as you. 'Normal' TSH /ft4, but FT3 4 (3.1-6.8) which looks on low side to me, and

High TG antibodies 541.5 (0-80) and 31.5 TPO (0-33) but have been told by 2 endo's, not a thyroid problem. Even had scan showing goitre and nodules, but this was 'not clinically significant'. No treatment necessary!

Started nature throid a few days ago. Hoping it will help with horrific pain, brain fog, fatigue,freezing body temp and constant pain in the left side of my throat/ear (the side the goitre is on) but again, this pain is 'not related to thyroid' ;)

Hi Harry I am glad for you too.

I started a week ago only with one grain and feeling awful,I have a lot of pain in my body, my head is killing me.. but I will wait until two or three months to see any changes.

I am on Erfa 30 that contains a little of T4/T3 so that´s why I think is not working yet..This morning I woke up at 5.00am so my imsomnio is coming back and my throat is burning!

I imagine all the antibodies eating my poor thyroid jejejeje :)

I will change to Nature Thiroid if erfa is not working for me, All we need is pacient..jejej

Happy day for everybody.

That's great news! So pleased for you. Kx

Fabulous News xxx

Congrats! xx

Wonderful news, Harry!

So glad to hear you're on the road to recovery, Harry. x

Thanks all, I have taken my temperature this morning and it is a whole degree above what it was when I was first ill!

Please tell me how you managed to get your GP to give you a prescription …my poor daughter 17yrs is really suffering on Levo sodium 125 per day. My GP is ready to write a script only if the endo agrees, although he is NHS & private he won’t prescribe NDT. My daughter has hashi's.

I didn't! I have bought it myself and haven't told my doc yet!

Well done you!! I feel I'll be following in your footsteps soon Harry :)

It's going well so far x

Had my private blood test today - first move to self healing :)

You are an inspiration!

Way hay! Well done xx

Hi HarryE,

You have partly answered a question I was just about to type? I want to try NDT, but, where is the best place to purchase it from? Ollybear xxxx ***I am so very pleased that you feel better...

I don't know if I know 'the best' but I'll certainly let you know what I know :-)

Hi again,

Sorry, can you PM me where the best place to purchase NDT please?

Just a quick update! Increased to 1\2 grain morning and afternoon today. One of my neighbours called out this morning ' you must be feeling better!' - apparently he could tell just from the way I was walking down the garden path!!

Probably the heels. Apparently some GPs reckon they can tell if you're euthyroid by the way you walk down the garden path. Keep on posting updates on your dosage increases until you either achieve both clinical and biochemical euthyroid state, or go broke, or burst (in that order). Very glad to hear you';re doing well so far :)

Strangely my heels have been OK, and I have had plantar fascitis before so I know how painful that is, but the bottoms of my feet, the arches and the front joints have felt like I was walking on pebbles all the time, sort of bruised. Most of the pain on walking has been in my hips. I have a fair sized stash in place now ;-)

Well done you,

When my friend, (who is ten years older than me) said she would go back and fetch something that we had forgotten, because she was faster than me, ! ! it spoke volumes.

Keep up the good work xx

Hi harry! OMG. Youve got there! Im soooooo pleased for you! Gonna get your life back now. Xxx

So pleased to hear the NDT is working for you :) Here's to ongoing improvement in your health and who knows you will be feeling so much better in a while to enjoy the summer ahead :) :)

Thank you! I am starting back at work next week for a few hours, and have managed to get out for a couple of proper walks too. So hopefully on the way :-)

Congratulations, so pleased it's working for you :)

Thanks. Now i just need to deal with the GP, the complaint to the hospital about the endo, the narcissistic sister, the Open Uni exam I have in less than 6 weeks and all the other s&%# that has built up in the interim ;-)

Oh :(

I'm a big believer in to do lists to clear the head. Then start with the thing that's most pressing. You don't have to sort it all out, or catch up. Take care

That just is the most pressing :-(

The rest will have to wait ;-)

Harry, I have self switched from Levo to NDT and feeling more normal better rather than hypo...we watch this space :)x

Good, hope it continues to help. I have just increased to 1 3/4 grains and feeling almost back to normal!

Hi Harry, I'm following this thread, how's it going? I was thinking about going on T3 but NDT might be the way forward. Levo is treating only some of my symptoms.

I'm fine. Taking 1 1/2 grains now, I started to feel like I'd drunk too much coffee after about 2 weeks on 1 3/4. Feeling pretty much back to normal, all symptoms gone!

That is great to hear

Morning, so good to hear this news! Hope you don't mind me asking how you came to take NDT? Did you discuss with your doc/endo? How do you know how much to take?

I might be close to going down this route. Very scared I might gt it wrong and make a mess of my health then not have a consenting doc to sort me out! :/

Best wishes.

I was refused treatment by my GP & an endo, despite being so ill that I was off work for 16 weeks. So I really had no choice but to try to treat myself. I bought NDT as it had the best feedback from other patients. I have since, just last weekend, found an endo who backs me up. There is some detailed information around on dosing & monitoring so don't be scared, it was nothing short of miraculous for me! Drop me a message if you want more info x

Thanks for the reply HarryE. Yes I will when/if I get to that point. I am learning so much from others too on here about NDT. :)

That is great news HarryE. Did you have normal thyroid labs?

I don't believe in 'normal' but my results were within UK reference ranges. TSH when first tested was 3.3 and later increased to 4. Free t4 went down from 14 to 13. But I also had TgAb at 100 times over range.

Thanks HarryE. My labs are "normal" and my antibodies are negative however I do have severe hypo symptoms including facial swelling. I would like to try NDT but am not sure if it is the way to go but have been on T3 now for one month without any changes. Can I ask you what dose of NDT you took and how long it took to make a difference in the facial swelling? Thanks.

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