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Hi, I've been following many of the posts in the site for some time. I have hashis, and had a partial thyroidectamy a year ago. haven't got on with Levo, felt worse and worse, not much support from Dr or from an endo who just thought I was depressed ... Really don't think I am, just feel very unwell.

Researched the condition and made an appointment to see Dr peatfield. Have now started on nutri-throid ndt... Have been taking for 3 days now, two lots of half a grain and 50mcg of Levo. I cannot sleep though, can't manage more than two hours, am exhausted! Pulse and temperature are both still low and haven't increased. Am I taking too much? Do I just need to be patient? Any suggestions would be much appreciated I've been so hopeful that ndt will make me better . Thanks in advance!

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  • healthunlocked.com/search/d...

    Am afraid I do not have experience with NDT - so have posted the above link about conversations that others have had - hope you find some helpful tips. Also hope you soon feel well....


  • Thanks!

  • Why are you still taking levo alongside?

  • Hi, Dr peatfield told me to continue with the Levo, .... But it was a telephone consultation and was a very bad line, So I may of miss heard! having read up on it I decided to play if safe snd just talk half my dose, but given my reaction think it is still too much... Not taken Levo today, hope I'll get to sleep tonight!

  • I struggled to sleep when I was in transition from coming off levo and going on to NDT and it was cos I started too slowly (1/4) grain! My Endo was happy for me to go straight on to the 2 grains the next day but I played it safe. Back came poor sleep ectopic heart beats anxiety etc etc. on 2 grains now and sleeping like a baby. I'm not suggesting you do the same as you've got to do what suits you.

  • Thanks... What dose of Levo were you on? And when do you take your ndt?...

  • Janemiddleton, Can you confirm whether you are taking Nutri-Throid or NatureThroid in addition to Levothyroxine?

    Nutri-Throid is a thyroid supplement not NDT. It doesn't contain thyroid hormone. 3 days isn't long enough to feel any improvement, you will need to take it for a couple of weeks at least.

    NatureThroid is NDT and 1 grain is bioactively equivalent to 75-100mcg Levothyroxine. If you were taking 50mcg Levothyroxine and have added 1 grain of NatureThroid you are overmedicated.

  • Thanks for your reply, the insomnia is getting to me I've confused my nutri's and natures up! I had been taking nutri thyroid along side my 100mcg levo, for about a month, but no significant change ( nutri adrenal extra too). Dr Peatfield then suggested I add nature throid instead of nutri thyroid, and suggested I keep on the levo....having read up on it I thought I may of misheard him with ref to staying on the levo, so went with 2 lots of half a grain and half my usual 100mcg of levo, so was on 1 grain and 50mcg of levo, but had also taken just 1 nutri thyroid too, but suspect that is of little consequence? Really hope this is just teething problems and I get the benefits others seem to! The 100mcg levo was never really enough, I was about to be increased but having never really felt great on it I was reluctant to go up again. It is all so complicated! My tired head is going to explode!

  • Jane, ah that's better. It takes 48-72 hours for the T3 in NDT to be absorbed into your system so its not surprising you haven't felt any benefit yet. Stick with 1 grain NatureThroid plus 50mcg Levothyroxine for 2 weeks and then drop Levothyroxine and increase by half a grain. You can increase by another half a grain two weeks later and stay on 2 grains for 4 weeks and have a blood test to check levels before increasing further. If the insomnia started shortly after adding NatureThroid it may be the T3 in NatureThroid disrupting sleep. Try taking your 2nd dose a few hours earlier to see whether that helps. Magnesium citrate before bed can relax and promote sleep or have a bath with epsom salts in it before bed.

    Not sure you really need the Nutri-Thyroid when taking NDT but I doubt it will be disrupting your sleep.

    This is a handy article about dose adjustment thyrophoenix.com/adjusting_...

  • Clutter, thank you so much for your advice....the link is very good too. Will hopefully sleep tonight, would hope I'm getting used to the t3 now, suspect it is some time since I've had much, have a conversion issue. Thanks again, really appreciate everyone's time

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