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My last visit to Endo, I still wonder and am confused

Still wondering why when I went into hospital November being sick ( allergic reaction to Trimethorprim) I came out 3 days later and told they had discoverd I had a hyperactive thyroid ?

I had previously had no symptoms until I took the 20mg carbimazole prescribed. I took that for 2 months, another blood test and it was reduced to 10mg. I still feel rough.

My last visit to Endo and the letter to my GP said I was eurothyroid. I have since being on the medication had the racing heart, palpitations and itchy skin. I haven't been examined once or asked about symptoms.

My GP was told I was going for a nuclear imaging scan and if any nodules I was having radio iodine.

I was not told anything just told to go for scan.

Oh my GP was told I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. I was diagnosed 2010. The more I see the more I hear, the more I wonder.

Your life is in their hands?

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Trimethoprim did exactly the opposite to me, lowering my already low Thyroid levels and also vitamins and minerals. I had a sub-total thyroidectomy in 1978 and have subsequently gone hypo and this is evidently one of the antibiotics people with thyroid problems should not have, but don't think many doctors know this. Still suffering 7 years later with the added problem of change of medication from Eltroxin. Hope you get your problems sorted quicker than me. Janet.



You must discuss your symptoms with your GP and ask to be referred back to the endo. Euthyroid means you are fine, thyroidwise. You obviously are not.

I can't tell from your symptoms whether you need more or less Carbimazole. Blood tests are needed to guide this. Racing heart and palpitations will put strain on your heart and you may need beta blockers so you do need to get this sorted.

Please also ask for your ferritin, vitaminD, B12 and folate to be tested. If any of these are deficient or low in range they can cause thryoid-like symptoms and make you feel very unwell. Be sure to ask for print outs of your results with the lab ref ranges.

Unfortunately having thyroid disease means there is a greater chance of getting Parkinson's as you've discovered. I hope it has been caught early enough that you haven't had any neurological damage. I understand that it can't be reversed but progression of the disease can be blocked/slowed.


Thank you for your reply. I will definitely see my GP this week. It's not nice to have no confidence in the ones taking care of your health. I just feel so up and down at the moment with my health.

Will ask for blood tests.

Thanks so much.


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