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My visit to endo and results

This is less a blog more a contact to people who've been very kind to me. It's brief cos I don't feel brilliant now, and I have sent a full blog twice and it hasn't arrived either time so I must be doing something wrong!!!! Don't understand.

Basically the Endo was a nice man but all my bloods were normal so I was discharged as they are nothing to do with him. He did refer me for a blood test for recent liver function, as that was erratic last time the GP tested them and also an Ultrasound on my check for fatty liver but he says that's asymptomatic anyway.

Terry and I were supposed to have a combined GP visit today but both had slept badly, felt knackered so cancelled.

So who knows why I've had the symptoms. I've been rather better till the last couple if days. Now, since last night, I feel like I'm coming down with fluey symptoms still mild as yet...but it might just be flu!!!!

So all and any opinions welcome!!

Please let this be uploaded!!

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Hi Bunny,

Which blood tests were taken as a matter of interest? Did he test for thyroid antibodies?


hi bunny good to hear from you ..sorry to hear you've slumped again and feeling poorly x that isn't right is it?SO have you had a antibodie result? And have you been taking your temp in the mornings?that would be helpful to the overal can use a digital thermometer ..check it ..see if its low or high.

dont get down again know you dont feel right its not in your mind..keep on writing when you feel up to it..dont give up ..



Hi Bunny ,can I just ask are you itchy and want to sleep all the time ,its just with you saying about your bloods being normal but still having symptoms ,and him wanting to check your liver ,my mum has PBC and has a lot of the same symptoms ,just a thought !! hope your feeling better soon ,but also don't forget most of us who are hypo get told our bloods are normal ,but what is NORMAL !!!!!


Hi Bunny,

Hope you start feeling better again soon, and yes i agree with Donna keep taking temperature and pulse like Dr Peatfield says it is very helpful. You know your own body. Dont give up xxx


Bunny, just thought I would post some words of encouragement, hopefully.

I don't know your full story but seems like you are having a difficult time.

My story is that I have been ill for about twelve years with a diagnosis of m.e. about eight years ago, then pernicious anaemia just over a year ago and now hypothyroidism with a multinodular goitre just a few months ago, although I have had it a lot longer than that.

Have been to lots of doctors, specialists etc, but have now given up on them all. as they haven't really helped. Went to see Dr Peatfield on saturday, lovely man, and I have started his protocol this week. Truly believe he can help. Will let you know how I get on. Meanwhile, keep going, maybe read his books, go to see him, do whatever it takes for you,but whatever, don't let those NHS doctors get you down, you know your body, you know its real, and there is a way out.

Take care, love Liz xx


Hi Bunny ,how are you doing? l haven't heard from you,which is great if your feeling well but not so good if your feeling poorly..l hope your ok..let us now how your doing if you are up to it..with best wishes donna x


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