Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me. I was diagnosed as severely hypo in January and had really low readings of TSH 123 (range 0.2-0.5)

and T4 of 4 (range 9-18).My latest test results in mid Feb indicated that I was now within range TSH of 0.2 (range 0.1-0.5) and T4 of 15 (range 9-18). However, the symptoms have slowly been returning and now if I do not take ibuprofen, co-codamol and amitryptiline then I am getting the chronic muscle ache. The brain fog and slurred words are also returning and I am constipated and very tired - falling asleep at 8.00pm. I have been taking levo at 150mcg in the morning (half hr before breakfast) and standard vitamin and iron supplement in the evening. I have an appt at the drs this afternoon and want to know if I should ask him to treat the symptoms regardless of the last test result as I am not due my next blood tests until mid April. I am concerned that I have had no other tests and could be lacking in something stopping the levo working or should I ask him to up the dose for a trial period to see if symptoms reduce.

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  • My results were identical and I asked my dr for an increase now on 175 for a wk.. Hoping it helps

  • Thanks for that - I will explore that option with my dr.

  • Hi Carrie97, the dr has upped the dose to 175 and if still feeling the symptoms he will ensure that other tests are completed during next blood test in April.

  • That's brilliant. Well done fingers crossed it helps x

  • Are you sure your TSH range isn't 0.2-5.0??

  • Hi - yes the range should read 0.2 to 5 - typing error on my part.

  • I guess they didn't test your T3? T4 looks a lot better but if it isn't converting to T3, you will still be hypo

  • Thanks HarryE, the dr has upped me to 175 but requested that I tell him if still feeling ill when next tests are due so he can request other tests are checked too.

  • Crikey! That's a novel approach!! ;-) :-D

  • Ask for TPO antibody test

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