Thumping heart at night

In the last month or so I've noticed that when I get in to bed and settle down to sleep I become aware that my heart is thumping. I don't experience any anxiety, etc so it's not that. It is not a hyper awareness thing either my heart is literally thumping. It slowly settles down and I go to sleep. If I wake up I don't experience it unless I move around a lot because of overheating and then I feel it a bit but not the real thumping. I'm on 125mcg thyroxine ( have been on meds for 4 years) and tsh is under 1. Havnt had t4 or t3 measured for ages as my GP won't do it. I don't have any hyper symptoms. I'm 49.

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I get that too, & erratic heartbeats. Often at night & sometimes during the day. Sometimes I can't get back to sleep because of it & not particularly anxious about anything when I get them. I'm not on any medication, just low in range results.

I used to wake up at night with this but it has stopped since Dr S recommended I take a dose of Armour later in the day. I wonder when you take your Levothyroxine and whether taking it at night might help though as I don't take Levo not sure whether it might help.

Palpitations, racing heart and missed beats seem to be more noticeable at night. I was unable to sleep flat and had to prop up against pillows for a long time, it felt as if the bed was being shaken.

You could try taking your meds before bed to see if this relieves the night time palpitations.

Alternatively, you may be a tiny bit over medicated. Why not reduce your meds to 112.5mcg by cutting the 25mcg tablet in half and see if this helps. Palpitations etc. can also be a symptom of under medication but with a TSH <1.0 I would doubt you are under medicated.

Menopause sometimes causes palpitations, but your dose may be too high

Its your over active thyroid. Mine heart used to thump in my head during the night and sometimes pound in the day too. Take care carroll

You need to insist on having your t4 and t3 tested if gp refuses change immediately regards carroll

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