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On T3 only and alcohol get my heart thumping. Does this happen to anyone else?

I don't drink regularly but go out with friends sometimes. I've noticed that if I drink a fair amount (last night it was half a bottle of wine over dinner and then a pint of cider later, with a coffee inbetween those two) then later in the evening before bed and went to bed my heart is thumping and slightly irregular. Like I was overmedicated. It wasn't pleasant and meant I didn't get to sleep for hours.

Has anyone else on T3 only had this experience? It would be nice to get merry now and again but not if this happens.

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I take T3 only, and even with a TSH of 0.08, it fails to bring my temps up, but..........they day after I get sizzled on alcohol I feel better, and my temps raise up to past 37c all day. Not the same problem as you, but there does seem to be something to do with alcohol that maybe helps the meds work better, although i'm struggling to find out the mechanism.


That's interesting buggles84. I've noticed the morning after a drink I feel better too. Thought it was just me hoping so I could drink more (hehe!). Unfortunately it only works for me after one glass of wine, if I have more than that I'm not ok! lol. Perhaps a little of what you fancy does do you good after all!

Jen x


I don't drink so can't tell, however other things get my heart thumping quite easily, though NEVER irregular at all.

I seem to be very very sensitive to adrenaline so if my body wants my blood sugar to rise it secretes adrenaline and I get the thumping, if I get scared or angry I secrete adrenaline and my heart thumps, this happens a lot more than before I was on T3 and before I was on T3 I would not get heart thumping from adrenaline secretion for raising the blood sugar.


I used to be about to tolerate say 2 pints once a week but for the last 6 months I can't even make it through a pint with the headache and allergy type symptoms coming on :0(


I have never had this experience but could it have something to do with the general dilation of the blood vessels you got when you drink and it transports more T3 to the tissues?


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I get this after one glass of wine and I'm on T4/T3 combined. I am told it is the T3 that does it. LB


There is a similar posting to this by "browny", also today - worth comparing your experiences, and the comments!


It's interesting that I'm not the only one this happens to, thanks for your replies. I wonder if there is anything I can do to prevent this. I will try and investigate.

Totoro x