I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid approx 18 YEARS ago and my health has gradually deteriorated over that time. I have taken 175 mg thyroxine for a few years but apart from yearly blood tests have had no support from gps-Ive NEVER been referred to a consultant in all that time. Ive just recently found out about successes with T3 medication and have made appt with gp for this week to see if they will prescribe T3! Does anyone know of a good Endocrinologist around Staffordshire/Midlands area who would be willing to look at other meds-not just Thyroxine? I would appreciate any help as Ive had enough now of feeling so ill and old-Im only 52 and feel 82

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Hi and welcome aboard.

I think before you ask your GP for T3 you should be asking for him/her to test your ferritin, iron, B12, vitd and folates as if any, or all, of these are low in range they will be having a big impact on how your levo is working, or more to the point, is not working.

Are you keeping your levo, at least, two hours away from any food or drink (except water) and four hours away from any meds or supplements you may be taking.

Have you got any recent blood results you can share with us, if not can you ask the GP's receptionist to print them off and post them on here for advice.

I made the mistake of adding T3 and it caused me heart issues - not because there is anything wrong with T3 but because I didn't actually need it. I, like you, was feeling absolutely awful on levo so talked my GP into trialling me on T3 when all the time it was low Vitd, low iron and very low ferritin that was causing the problems, so I was taking T3 when I didn't actually need it which then lead to heart issues. Without these vital vitamins your body will be unable to convert your levo (T4) into the active T3 it desperately needs so your symptoms will remain.

If, when you have all these tested, they all come back at optimal levels for a thyroid patient (which is a lot different from NHS optimal levels) then T3 could be your answer but T3 also needs all the above vitamins at good levels to work so I would advice that you get your vitamins checked first and then go from there.

Moggie x

Thanks Moggie for your good advice, I will def get all tests done first and start taking supplements. I had absolutely no idea how important it was to support Thyroxine with vits etc. Ive lost two very good jobs over time due to my bad health and not one gp has ever discussed my thyroid issues. I was put on anti depressants and 3 years ago diagnosed with CFS. I am always tired, my body aches all over and the smallest amount of effort tires me out. I always say that I feel a shadow of my former self! I also suffer with insomnia but once asleep, could sleep for ever.

Please don't supplement anything until you have been tested will you or you will be giving your GP a false reading and then be refused help.

Moggie x

No, I def wont take any supplements before appt with gp on Thursday. Thanks so much for your advise. Will also try and get copies of all test results after they are done-Ive never been given them or told to me before!

No I meant don't take any supplements until you have been tested - if you supplement before the tests then the results will be useless.

It took me over a year to get my stupid GP to test my VitD - and yes it would have been so much easier to supplement myself, but if I had my result would not have come back at 12.5, when she did finally relent and test me, and would not have made her re-test on several occasions showing up a continuing vitD problem.

Moggie x

Good advice from Maggie and welcome to the site. I have gained so much good advice from folks on here. I am also feeling much better from taking supplements having been on Levo for years!

I've sent you a pm, sorry on small tablet and not got the hang of typing yet

Hi Delainy

I've pm'd you.

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