Please help me understand blood test results

I have just got my latest blood test results my tsh was 0.1 now less than 0.1. My t3 has fallen to 3.9 range is 3.5 to 6.7. My t4 has fallen again to 13.9 range is 10 to 19.8 I have been on 40mg of carmibazole for 4 weeks. Can anyone explain what these results mean for me. Do you think I need t lower my carmibazole or no. Many regards carroll

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if it was me yes i think you need less carbimazole

Thank you so do I. I see my endrocologist on tues. I am even gaining weight and I am dieting and supposed to b overactive. Regards carroll

Hi Caroll,

Going by your results, I would definitely say you need to lower your dose. If they leave you much longer you might go hypo x

I think I may have already started t go hypo. Thank u carroll

I agree. It sounds like you are going Hypo. Less carbimazole. Good luck!

Thank u all for your responses but no if you are explaining why you are thinking I am going hypo and I really need t know why you think this so I have a fighting chance with my endrocologist when I see him on tues for 1st time. Thank u carroll

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