Lots and lots of nodules

So I went to for my scan last night, he said beside the larger nodule that I could feel there were lots and lots (his words) of small nodules on my thyroid. He said it is common then looked at me and said you look fine tho!!! WHAT!!! Look fine!! Not really his call is it. Go back on two weeks to see the Endo. Any words from anyone this is my first bout with this x x x

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  • Perhaps the poor chap didn't know what else to say. Hope you get it sorted.xx

  • Thing is, you cannot just look at someone to tell if they are sick. I think that because I do not have bulging eyes and I have really long hair that he assumed I was fine. Sure don't feel fine. :-( I see the endo on Friday and I would hope he would want to do a biopsy on the larger nodule. All this waiting drives me crazy.

  • Hi Nodules are common. However, essential to have a fine needle biopsy under a new ultra scan just to be sure. push for this.


  • Thank Jackie, I will push for that. I am super new to this game, and really appreciate everything anyone can tell me. Cheers honey. Will see the Endo on Friday and ask for Needle thingy. X x x

  • I have a multi-nodule goiter with cold nodules, and I have about a third of my thyroid left after two operations and RAI. I have an ultrasound every year and fine needle aspiration every two years or so to make sure there aren't recent (scary) changes. I think a FNA is definitely called for to establish a baseline for you and to make sure that there are not abnormal cells lurking. I am a US member and what I have described is pretty much the standard protocol here. With FNA, there is a sense of pressure rather than pain, so while not something that you would want to sign up for every month, it's not an awful procedure. Left undiagnosed, the results can be awful.

  • Thanks lilers for the heads up. So if you have nodules do you usually have thyroid problems? I have symptoms big time, the itching drives me mad and my gritty eyes and nausea....do nodules and thyroid disease go hand and hand? Sorry to ask stupid questions, but my husband asked me this and I won't know my blood results till Friday. Seems like if you have nodules and symptoms.....but I read that lots of people feel horrible but their blood results are normal.?? Thank you

  • Sorry to not have responded sooner! I just realized that there was a question here for me..... I'm 70 and had radium treatments on my neck for a birthmark when I was 4-10 months old. The awful effects of radiation weren't known then. Imaging as we know it today was non-existent. I have had nodules probably most of my life, and they cause concern but so far, nothing else. Your itching and eyes might be your response to iodine. Be careful about iodine. I was given contrast solution by vein when I was in the ER with a kidney stone. My face was on fire, red, and it became difficult to breathe. I itched all over. I looked up and saw that I was surrounded by six doctors and two crash carts. I'm allergic to iodine. I have found that the combination of food that has a high iodine content and heat sets off a similar response. The itch that I develop from iodine feels like it is an inch under my skin. I can't scratch it like an insect bite and get relief. Be especially careful about seafood.....not too much and never when you're hot. Well.....this is probably too much too late!

  • Thank you Lilers, I do get a weird reaction when it gets hot or if I eat hot food, like chili's or even food that is hot, like warm. I am happier to eat cold food. I have not been itching since my sweet hubby brought me home some benedryl!! Took care of the itching and they eye problem. I do take sea kelp everyday. And selenium amoung a host of other supplements. I got my bloods and a scan I have a multi nodule goitre on one side, and lot and lots of other nodules on the other, and one side of my thyroid is larger than the other side....but doc says I am normal, but need to have tests again in six months.....does not sound normal to me, so I got something to help my thyroid NDT online and I feel really really good. Best I have felt in a month of Sundays!! The symptoms have all but gone!! Too bad the doc could or would not help they only go by a number. I could not wait another seven years to feel better. And now I do. X x x

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