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Blood results,help please

He said thyroid is fine,but b12 bad and folic and vit d low as well,I had more bloods done whilst I was there more intricate one fir my intrinsic ?? Levels you will know anyway here are some pics of test can you see anything unuseual ? Have have lots if test results if you need any others I will see if they are on the list,thanks for your help x

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I can't post pics :-(

B12=145 ng/l. 180-910

Folate=3.6 ug/l

Free thyroxine 12.4 pmol/l 9-24

Tsh=2.57 mu/l 0.2-4.5

Vit d 36

Ferritin =48 ug/l 15=200


Testing the intrinsic factor is to diagnose pernicious anaemia. If it is you will have to have B12 injections to top you up quickly. Your B12 is very low indeed. That can make you feel quite unwell. Vitamin B12 is very important hormone.

Once he fixes all your deficient minerals/vitamins you may feel much better.

Re your thyroid hormone results, and because the GPs TSH is 2.47 he will say you don't have a problem take note of this link.

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you certainly need to address urgently all those low results and until ferritin , b12 etc are halfway in their ranges its almost pointless taking levothyroxine because your body cannot utilise it

your t4 is certainly low

your TSH is still typical of hypothyroid and it may well be that you have central /2ndary hypothyroid as a result of pituarity failure and this will always mean TSH should not be relied on

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I have been put on b12 tablets,vit d tablets and folic acid tablets for 3 months,should I have gone on a injections first ?



The above website will tell you all you need to know. Your B12 needs to be at the TOP of the range.

You NEED a GOOD B complex when taking B12 - Thorne Research are GOOD ! It contains Methyl-Folate instead of Folic Acid - OK more expensive but could be better for your body.....

You should be taking 5000 IU's of D to bring you up to OPTIMAL.

The above link is the BEST D video ever :-)

The above link - is vitally important - so spread the word :-)


Can I suggest you look at The Pernicious Anemia website? They have a fantastic telephone helpline who will help you in getting your b12,needs addressed. Martin Hooper the chairman has also written a fantastic book about his own experiences & help with getting the best treatment. It is vital this is addressed as soon as possible as very low levels of B12 can lead to nerve damage. Am glad they are testing intrinsic factor -quite right!! You will need to address a variety of othe factors as Martz wisely advises. Lack of b12 also interferes with thyroid as well -though both things can & do run together -it's likely they will address the b12 first as they have established there is a clear problem. A TSH of 2plus is considered normal -though in some countries would be regarded as suspicious.

Hope you get sorted soon but be prepared for it to take time. Hugs x

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Thank you for your replies,I'm just confused with the whole results thing,I have lots of results so if there are any others I could post up that may help then I will,I'm just glad I have something to work on as I was worried there would be no problem,then where would I have gone from there :-(


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