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Dizziness and yawning - LOTS!


I’ve posted lots recently, with loads of different queries and you guys are all great! Apologies for another one but I just thought I’d ask.

I had one of my classic symptoms today, and it occurred to me that I’ve had this occasionally for years.

I can be fine initially, then over a period of a couple of hours I get really dizzy. When the dizziness starts to subside I get a headache and I feel really tired and yawn a lot... and I mean - a lot! Then later it passes and I feel fine. I can’t see that it’s linked to blood sugar or anything like that.

I remember calling into work one day about 10 years ago to say I wasnt going out driving that day as I felt so dizzy. So it’s obviously not fatal... I’m still here and fine-ish!

I know that yawning is because the brain wants more oxygen and I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas what’s causing this?

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Sounds so familiar and to me those particular symptoms are low B12.

I get dizziness and wobbly feeling that later on turns into radiating pain from between the shoulder blades up to my head. If your dizziness is bad then it could migraine type , which can also be because of low B12 or B2.

Yawning was constant at some point before going on B12 sublingual. I started constant yawning right after i woke up, and it was not being sleepy yawning. Teary water jaw locking yawning. One of the most annoying symptoms, keep yawning without relief.

Murphysmum in reply to Justiina

That’s exactly it!

My B12 level last week was 486 (180-2000) so not particularly low. I asked the gp to test for B12 deficiency but she said it wasn’t needed.

I have other symptoms too but it struck me today that this has happened for years prior to me being unwell last year.

Justiina in reply to Murphysmum

Well when I was first tested mine was 350 (range 138-680) so was not considered low but yet I started sublingual B12 which improved numerous of symptoms. But on the other hand had taken multivitamins prior the test.

I managed to increase my B12 up to 700 and just quit taking it every day, took some here and there for over a year. Level dropped below 200 and homocysteine was way above the range.

You can be deficient on cellular level B12 just pooling there with not much impact, looks good but feels bad.

You have two choices as people probably have suggested already to get MMA and homocysteine tested, first might be difficult but privately maybe? Or to jump into B12 roller coaster , give it a chance and see has it any impact.

Murphysmum in reply to Justiina

Vw been supplementing with b complex for a couple of months, but have just started with sublingual b12. Hoping this helps.

I’ve had so many symptoms over the last 9 months or so and most have mostly gone. Just stuck now with the muscle weakness and the dizziness on and off. Wish I could suss out what’s going on!

Justiina in reply to Murphysmum

For me sublingual worked very fast at first confirming I was right to take it. Since then the benefit hasn't been so great but that is more about increased activity revealing other problems. So B12 didn't fail, it was just one piece in the puzzle.

My B12 is always over 4000 as I have B12 injections regularly & I have these same symptoms!

It does sound like the low B12 “sighs” - was your folate also tested? If so, was that nicely up the range? Folate and B12 work together, so it’s good to look at both.

Murphysmum in reply to Jazzw

Folate was mid range as I recall (don’t have results to hand), ferritin and b12 were quite low. Ferritin was v low in fact but “in range”!! Supplementing that too 😊

I have graves and have very similar symptoms to yours. I get days when I am really dizzy and now I think about it I do yawn a lot afterwards don't know the reason why. Sometimes I am so dizzy I don't know if I need to eat or be sick but usually having a biscuit solves it but I don't think it's blood sugar related.

Murphysmum in reply to purple64

I agree. I feel like eating helps even though I’m sure it’s not blood sugar. It happened again today at almost exactly the same time as yesterday. Wondering if it’s a medication thing. Might try switching to taking Levo at night and see if that helps? I may never know tho!!

I have ALL these symptoms described , my b12 levels are over the level at 1310 (197-779) .I just can't seem to shift this feeling, had it for years and year's 😏

Murphysmum in reply to Maya_83

I just get it sometimes but it’s very definite and horrible when I do. Strange...

Just wondering if it’s a meds - release sort of a thing. Ie, how long does the levo take to get into your system? I’m kind of guessing not as presumably the levo is absorbed during digestion so it would take 4 hours or so and that doesn’t fit. But wondering if something happens in the body that then requires more oxygen. Maybe SeasideSusie or one of the other knowledgable peeps on here might know of a reason?

So - completely unscientific, sample of one, yet interesting observation... today I didn’t take levo (going to take it at bedtime) and NO dizziness.

Maybe it wouldn’t have happened anyway, but interesting. I may continue to take my meds at night now as I’m taking so many supplements that might prove easier anyway!

Yawning? OMG! I get this too.

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