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Problems Armour & T3 Only Meds (Any ideas why)

No Thyroid desease. But conversion FT4/FT3 problem. Hypo at tissue level.

Taken thyroid meds for nearly a year. Armour intially. 3 months. But around 20 days kept feeling toxic due build up of T4, increse RT3, and no change T3 level.

Switched to T3 only. Low dose 6mcg/3 months. But seems to have had negative impact on biochemical balance! TSH has incresed to mid range but FT4 decresed to 7.8 (12-22)

FT3 no improvement. At bottom of range. Real mess! Prolactin has increased (any ideas why or the connection with that pathway?). And Adrenals have lowered. Dr said although no T3 dossage increase since last test, there should have been improvement in serum FT3 level?

Dr. has also said some patients experience same elevation TSH, suppression FT4 response on T3? ( Would love to hear from you.) So now back on Armour!

Really feeling unwell, so any thoughts please.

Has anyone with conversion issue, found Armour eventually worked for them?



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Hi At a guess, I would say that lime me you need a little armour, 2 grains perhaps and some T3 20mcg. depends on tests and ranges. It is safer to start low and retest in 6 weeks, then alter doses if needed etc. This is unusual but can be the case.A private doc had me on 7 grains armour, I was very ill. Then my Endo made this switch, long ago.I do have very low fT3 , be,low range, if untreated.



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