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Adding T3

I saw my Endo a couple of weeks ago and explained that I had improved but feel that I still have a way to go. He didn't like my blood test results, my TSH was 0.02 and my Free T4 was 26 (12-22) but I haven't felt any hypEr symptoms on the 200mcg of purified levothyroxine (been on same dose for 6 months).

He agreed that I could add some T3, he wanted me to reduce levo to 150mcgs and add 10mcgs of T3. I should have known better because when I did this, after just 4 days I felt very hypo, kept dropping things and felt really fuzzy. After talking to a few people who have successfully added T3 I have dropped my levo to 175mcgs and just added 5mcgs of T3, feel ok so far.

Watch this space .....

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Hi, Suze - your results very closely mirror my own, very low TSH and high T4. My Doctor wants to reduce my levothyroxine (125mc) which I have been on for about 2 years. However, I feel fine and am very reluctant to have a reduced dose - back to the lethargy and weight gain. My Doctor says that she can't prescribe T3 - it would appear that it's levo or nothing. How did you manage to get a scrip for T3?


Hi Jinny, an Endocrinologist, see my post (and my story on another blog)

The chances are your symptoms will return if you lower your dose. What were your blood test results?


Hi Suze, I did respond to this but think it got lost in the ether. My results wereTSH - 0.1 and T4 - 24. These seem way out to me and on responding just now to the Big Question it seemed that 5 was the lowest option for TSH! The funny thing is, I feel fine. I walk and cycle and am pretty fit but I do worry that I am not converting T4 to T3 and to quote Sheila Turner on the HM Treasury SpendingChallenge website, "Every cell in the body and brain needs T3 to make them function - NOT T4". So long term effects of functioning without adequate T3 could be dire. Dr Turner's post was made on 12th July under the heading "Inappropriate treatment for hypothyroidism should be investigated". Worth a look if you haven't already seen it. Her description of the attitude of the BTA and RCP is appalling. They are obviously not concerned with our "human rights"!


I gave T3 my best shot and it just doesn't do anything for me. I went back to taking 200mcgs purified levo and for the past month have also added 1 grain of naturethroid (I have some left over from when I tried it) and I am happy to report that I have improved a little more. I am due to speak to my Endo this week so will see what he says. I wonder if he will just talk about my numbers rather than my improvement?? I sometimes think that Endocrinologists are accountants!


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