Dr. Rodney O. C. Adeniyi-Jones appointment tomorrow

Hi everyone

My first post.

I've given up on my GP. She's very sympathetic but my blood tests the past 14 months have come back within the normal range, although my TSH I'd creeping up.

History. I had overactive thyroid twice, 2nd time p o st partum in Jan 2009 was quite high and took PTU for 2 months until went under active. Properly underactive August 2014 with TSH of 10.88, monitored but no medication and it went back down to around 2 in 6-8 months.

TSH is going up again, slowly over past year. I'm feeling rubbish again, tired legs esp thighs. Very tired, insomnia at 4am, etc and I know if I get a repeat blood test from GP

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  • HIT send too quickly!

    I know GP won't prescribe anything even if TSH is over 10, so I've made an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Rodney O. C. Adeniyi-Jones . It's £360 just for the consultation. A lot of money to me.

    What questions do I ask to make the most of the hour consultation?

  • Write a list of all your symptoms and medical history so that you don't forget. If you've got time do it on your computer and print 2 copies, 1 for you and 1 for him.

    You may find this page helpful


    Ask him for full thyroid tests. Take any printouts of previous tests you've had from your GP, as he may not have received these.

    I hope you get helpful advice.

  • Be aware that he'll want to flog you a shed load of supplements without saying what they are and what they do.

  • Thats interesting, I was looking at seeing him too but couldn't see prices anywhere for consultation (I may have missed it). I prefer it when these things are 'transparent'. I did see a private doctor in North London for a while last year and I was given supplements but he did explain what they were for. Also I did check when I got home and found the prices he charged were the same as I could buy on the internet so I didn't mind that so much, but I didn't feel any different on the supplements, so eventually stopped taking them and stopped seeing the doctor as I couldn't really afford to continue. Now thinking of seeing a different private doctor and toying between this one you mention and one other. Do let me know how you get on with this one.

  • Georgina61 - if you want more info then PM me.

  • Supplements made a great difference to me and helped my conversion from T4 to T3 but it doesn't happen over night. 6 months plus and I did lose weight with that without really trying. May be half a stone but got a better defined body!

  • I've seen him - he was cheaper 10 years ago. He is an endo yet didn't spot my thyroid problems. He did discover that my blood was clotting within the vessels though, so that was a very good thing and he found magnesium very low, but he soon ran out of ideas with me and didn't resolve my un-wellness.


  • stoneym - that was a disappointment for you. Have you managed to recover your health at all?

  • Hi , did he help you at all? I'm looking for a functional doctor but on here it seems he hasn't broker anyone yet? Thank you

  • I went to Rodney after disastrous treatment on the NHS,and he helped save my life.I have had treatment from him for over twenty years . always got what I paid for, which was gold standard treatment;which gave me the courage to battle on.A good doctor doesn,t come cheap.The alternative is the NHS.

  • Eifi this is your first post and yet you've resurrected an old thread. What gives?

  • She was probably browsing which I tend to do but when I go to reply I check now and some of the posts are 4 years old.

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