Hi all i have hashi,s i have had tonsillitis now for 3 weeks just finishing my second lot of antibiotics and looks and feels like i will need more i have never had this before in my life is it tonsillitis or could be to do with my thyroid as the left tonsil is worse than the right and its the left side of my thyroid that is the problem i am getting worried now as i cant seem to get rid of this feel so ill

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  • I am suffering exactly the same 4 lots of antibiotics and nasty cough been given pump

  • I had what I'm told was Tonsillitis twice in the year or so preceeding ever having my Thyroid bloods checked out, so pre my Hashis diagnosis around 9 months ago.

    Both times lasted a few weeks and didn't clear 'til I was reluctantly given antibiotics from docs - 1st time by my GP and 2nd time by a locum at out of hours at my local hospital because my GP decided I wouldn't need them and they don't make a difference - the pain got so bad I felt like I was swallowing glass all the time, despite taking behind the counter throat soothers and gargling antiseptic mouthwash.

    I don't know if it bares any relation, but both times I was also doing a high protein, low carb diet with pretty rapid weight loss which I had to stop to recover properly. It's certainly put me off doing that kind of diet again just in case.

  • Hi,

    After a long period of stress I went down with the worst tonsillitis ever, throat went black and could not get out of bed, had months of what you have with pain swapping sides...... eventually found lump on left side of throid. Diagnosed with acute thyroiditis ?Graves. T4 was nearly 70 so put on 40mg carbimazole. Bad throats went, a year on only have 5mg carb alternate days, fit and well, not one sore throat..... acupuncture really helped with them and so did ditching wheat and for a long time caffeine. Manuka honey helped soothe pain. I can't remember last time I had a sore throat ...... you will feel better, it's your body getting you to slow down and look after yourself. xxxxxxx

  • My daughter's ENT surgeon, who is a lovely chap in his 60s and who has been seeing tonsils for many years, told me that, in his opinion, tonsillitis with 'toadstool appearance' tonsils is always a strep (streptococcus bacterium) infection and as the penicillin used to treat it does not always penetrate fully to the folds of the inflamed tonsil, it is possible for it to linger on, even after penicillin treatment for 2 weeks. He prescribed a half dose (ie 2x daily rather than 4x daily) penicillin course for 6 weeks after she had her 4th return of the disease in 3 months (after it had been treated by high dose for 2 weeks). It worked and she hasn't had a problem since. I told my sister about this (who is 37 and has had tonsillitis badly every year since she was a child). She told her GP who was good enough to try this, and it worked for her too. This was 3 years ago. Possibly coincidence, but certainly worth a try if it is recurrant tonsillitis caused by strep.

  • Just a thought also - my daughter has suffered with tonsillitis - 4 bouts within 3 months. The Dr discovered her vit D was only 5!! she has had a high dose course of vit D and is on a maintenance dose and had not had a bout for 8 months.

  • Debz that's really interesting and I totally agree with the lack of D, my daughter constantly has sore throats. She has a lift to school , during school lunch, library, lift home and that's it, no vitamin D. Think I will buy some. Thanks so much. X

  • Get them to take a swab of your throat to check it's strep bacteria, it could be something else and then you would need a different approach.

    I really feel for you, it really does hurt like hell :-(


  • thanks all for replys im going back to docters thursday my neck is hurting now at front and glands still big i feel this is more than tonsillitis so im going to ask for a swab i think my thyroid may be infected xx

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