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Tonsillitis and Enlarged Tonsil

Hi guys I didn't know where to post this so thought I'd try here, thanks.

Long story short, at start of 2013 summer when I was 23 I had a severe case of tonsillitis with both tonsils very enlarged, inflamed and white stuff on it, it was hell. I saw the doctor a month after (procrastinated, thought it'll go away itself) and did a couple rounds of antibiotics but they remained as they were. I figured it was the viral type that doesn't react to antibiotics, it lasted a while. By the time I saw the ENT after a three month waiting time the tonsillitis had healed itself, no more white stuff and tonsils became smaller though right was bigger he said it'll get smaller over time and he said I'm fine.

Since then I never had as bad of a tonsillitis with both enlarged inflamed with white stuff but have had right tonsil become similarly infected multiple times every few months then get better itself, sometimes left will also get infected but never as bad as the right one and never like the first time in 2013. I admit I procrastinated on my health for years but fast forward to now.

In June there was another infection that went away a few days later. By time I showed the doctor and it was fine he said it's normal to have a large tonsil and nothing to worry about. Two weeks ago it happened again and doctor gave me antibiotics and the white stuff from right tonsil has now gone. However, ever since the initial infection in 2013 while the left tonsil size seems fine but the right tonsil has always remained somewhat enlarged. I am worried that something is going on and this isn't normal. Can you please look at these pictures and let me know what you think, thanks. I first had tonsillitis when I was 23 but am now 26.

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Hi, when I was a child I had an infection on my tonsils which caused them to block my air ways, they remained large and I had what I termed craters like yours.

The white stuff you describe as horrible as it is, is trapped food I think they termed it white tonsil, it's not an infection, but can cause bad breath etc.

I had numerous sore throats and infections over the years but they refused to take my tonsils out until I was 30 years old.

I'm now 36 and I still get sore throats were my tonsils where.

Hope this helps you a little and puts your mind at rest that the white stuff is nothing to worry over.


I had my tonsils out when I was 5 so I don't really remember much about it, other than being ill very often. Roll on 40 years and I went down ill again, dr came out said tonsillitis, when I told him my tonsils were not there he then called it pharyngitis, that was 2007. After that I've been under the weather, so to speak, permanently. It was not until 2012 I was diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism. I believe I had it when I was 5 but it was just presenting as tonsillitis. I've had lots of illnesses along the way and never seem as strong or have the stamina like anyone else.

They are reports of many people that have their tonsils out go on to develop hypothyroidism, but my theory is they already had it it just presented as tonsillitis.

Have you had your levels checked recently to see if they need upping?


Hello, I recognise that pitting. My daughter had similar problems as a teenager (she is now 36), but doctors showed no interest, however often it happened. To cut a long story short, and after following the false endocrine trail for years, we have now discovered through an American doctor that she has had various bacterial, viral and mould infections from childhood as well as mast cell problems, and these have now become a complex chronic mess to sort out. Do you have any other symptoms or conditions? I have many links that I can send you if you think this may be a more systemic problem that merely a tonsil problem.

Jane x


Hi Jane can you please share those links? Thanks.


Your Tonsils looked like mine used to, i eventually had them removed after years of problems had them out at age 38 and so glad i did



Thank you for the quick replies. I do suspect that I have hypothyroidism and recently my doctor informed me that the endocrinologist rejected my referral because my numbers were good. Actually based on plenty of my research they qualify for, especially given the multitude of other symptoms, subclinical hypothyroidism. My Free T3 was below the range and this, along with Vitamin D deficiency, muscle weakness and osteoporosis, didn't seem to be a warning.

Anyways I am going to get a blood test done soon for cortisol in the morning (I can't afford saliva testing) and vitamin D and B12 and after will demand retesting for TSH/T3/T4 and antibodies (I was always negative in past couple TPO tests and will demand a self pay TGab as well this time). I do believe the bouts of tonsillitis I've had and the fact my right tonsil won't shrink in size has to do with my suspected hypothyroidism. I had created a thread here before on this if you're interested in the numbers.

It is good to hear that there is nothing to worry about the enlarged tonsil. I was worrying that maybe there are stones inside the damn thing and I need different antibiotics.


Jane please post those thinks I'd love to read them. But yes I'm just wondering if addressing my thyroid will prevent recurring tonsillitis or if I should try to get them taken out as soon as possible. It's one thing to have a sore throats which I've had plenty of but another to have tonsillitis every few months!


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