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Muscles Aching?....Try cutting out

"The Night Shades"

I have been complaining of aching muscles for ages ,which have been making me depressed.......limping up and down stairs step by step unable to carry anything as needing to hold on to the handrail.

I decided to try a few adjustments to my diet.Had already cut out bread and have less potato,but the night shades also include tomatoes and peppers which I always put into salads especially to add colour and I eat some salad nearly every day.It's only 5 days since I started, but having cut these out too I am walking ....not limping.

We went out to lunch yesterday and when we had finished eating and chatting having sat down for about two hours,I was able to get up from the table and walk ...not stagger to get the legs going.......maybe a small step forward but worth considering if you are in pain like I have been.

I thought I would share this just in case it might help someone else as there are many of us suffering with our muscles.

Have decided to use my time trying some self help as I don't see my Endo until February.I am also reading "Living Well With Hypothyroidism" by Mary J. Shomon .She gives you so much practical information and help.I can thoroughly recommend it.

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Very interesting, as I suffer from muscle and joint pain and eat tomatoes and peppers virtually every day in salad, like you. I shall try it but salads are going to be a but dull from now on! Tonight is red cabbage salad so I am safe there! xx


I know what you mean Hennerton....My salad meal is my light supper as we eat our main meal at lunchtime ( Being retired )

I'm managing by using tinned fish.....mackerel,tuna, pink salmon etc which I mash and put in a ramekin and use as a dip for my green salad or else top the salad with cubes of cheese,chopped ham or a herby omelette,mostly followed by some fruit.

Mary Shoman advises allowing 11-12 hours between your evening meal

( which for her is dinner) and breakfast next eat a light meal and nothing afterwards.Never go to bed on a full stomach. Her book really is a good read.I have learned a lot.

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Thanks for the advice. I know all the right things to do regarding not eating late but we have our main meal in the evening and I cannot imagine sitting down to eat early. Somehow not ready but I suppose it is all habit. Are potatoes also part of the nightshade family?


Yes they are Hennerton.If you look up "The Nightshades " on line it will tell you more. X


Same here and feel just like you Hennerton, salads just won't be the same without them, I love tomatoes and peppers but it sounds like worth a try.

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I am reading a book on nutrition and one section in it concerning hypo/hyper states that "it is possible to correct unbalanced thyroid hormone production whether too much or too little by correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies. All glands are involved when one gland is in trouble".

It also goes on to list foods to heal, vitamins/minerals/herbs/supplements.

I have followed some advice - but not all yet. She says cooked foods kill enzymes which cause our glands to be overworked thus leading to problems. She advises raw foods are essential for the glandular system, such as salads, vegetables etc. Essential fatty acids will improve symptoms.

The most important thing is to have regular bowel habits. Avoid the usual, white flour,sugar, fried food, junk foods.

I have had digestive problems recently and following her advice I am definitely having an improvement and pain has resolved so far.


Hi there shaws......thanks for your contribution too....all useful for us.

I am managing to be pretty firm about refined carbohydrates as I don't handle them well ( occasionally I am naughty though and am thinking on about Christmas!!!!!!!!!! )

Is your book by Mary Shoman too? I notice she has another one ......

The Thyroid Diet....Manage Your Metabolism for Lasting Weight Loss.

I was wondering whether to try and get it.

I have been to the shops this morning and the discomfort in my legs has definitely that will encourage me to carry on being firm about food intake.Who knows,I might lose some weight in the process,which would be a real bonus......Good to hear you are managing your own problem....I wish you well X


Sounds good shaws, what is the book called, I read somewhere recent

Y about brassicas not being good for people who are hypo which made me wonder if they would be a good thing for someone who is hyper. Any ideas? Liz x


The book is called Nutritional Guide by Louise Tenney, m.h. who has sold over a million copies of her publications. She studied applied chemistry and biology and got a Master Herbalist degree from Emerson College of Herbology in 1986. This book 'build your immune system', 'learn which foods that heal' 'combat chronic disease', 'discover the nutritional value of herbs'.

I bought mine through Amazon, second hand and if you wish to purchase you can use one of these links and Thyroiduk get a small commission.

She only states which foods/minerals/vitamins heal a particular problem but, of course, you would only select the ones you want.


Thank you Shaws, on the strength of your glowing report I have just bought it - via the TUK look too - it was the 'build your immune system' that did it :-)


Thanks shaws.It has been a useful discussion X


I've heard of the "Nightshades" too and cutting down on them made a difference to me. I went through a bad joint flare up when preparing my own lunches for work. I love tomatoes and was eating at least two portions a day. Cut down and joints settled, could be a coincidence but I've also read taht it maes a difference, plus checking that your diet is not too acidic.


I'm glad I shared this today as it has been good to hear that others had the same experience.If giving up tomatoes and red peppers helps my creaky knees it will be worth it. Have a good weekend.. X


A friend was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her early 20s. First dietary change was to eliminate tomatoes. Too much acid.


Hi marfit,

Do you mean sweet peppers? or the hot variety - chillies etc.?


Both I'm afraid.......if you go online and put in Nightshades and then go to ......what they are and what foods they are in it will give you all the information about them.X


Thanks for this marfit -

I had noticed how popular peppers, paprika, chillies, cayenne etc. had become, we never had them as kids but even a lot of school food is 'hot & spicy' now.

(I suppose for flavour instead, low fat stuff has no flavour & we only just added a bit of salt & pepper). I did know certain plants adapted to ward off insects.... anyway here's an interesting link...


Fascinating! - didn't realise nicotine was a nightshade, not that I have ever smoked. Don't eat potatoes or peppers simply because I don't like . The reason I am interested is I am taking a Healthspan product (CIRCULEASE) I have Raynaud's and CIRCULEASE helps a lot . The 1st ingredient listed is FRUITFLOW which is from tomato seeds. On searching the web it is mainly the tomato stems that contain the "nasty" but not usually eaten anyway - can't find anything specifically about seeds .. fortunately don't have aches other than the usual age related and I can handle those!. And as usual a lot of conflicting info about nightshades You pays your money and takes your choice so to speak. Like the Bible, net. can be used to prove/disprove anything.

Thanks for drawing attention to a very interesting theory


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