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Recent Blood Tests have shown i'm now Pre-Diabetic. Is this linked with low cortisol?

Hi everyone, this was part of my bad news just after Christmas. I expected it because i've now been fat since 1990. I find it hard to exercise through painful feet, exhaustion, but i'm not exactly a couch potato either. My diet isn't that bad, i've always eaten whole grains, bread pasta, brown rice. I do eat too many carbs and i'm looking at this. I have porridge every day for breakfast made with half water and semi milk. I eat chocolate occasionally, but never buy it myself. I know there's a few things I can clean up.

I do have long standing insomnia and I know this too can contribute to blood glucose levels

Re low cortisol does this contribute? I'm thinking of trying ginseng.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've cut down on the bit of sugar I was having, and i'm walking more. I don't want another disease to deal with. X

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Green tea, cinnamon (cassia, not the real thing) and dark chocolate (and even coffee) have been shown in some tests to reduce blood glucose - ditch the pasta (it's a highly processed food).

Don't know about cortisol.



Hi Angel of the North, thanks for your reply. I'm going to put cinnamon on my porridge every day.

I've read the link, helpful. As usual i'm restricted by what I can eat and drink.

The wholegrain pasta I eat probably once a month so I can easily ditch it. I'm aiming to reduce carbs and eat a bit more lean protein. The only really processed food I eat is fish fingers.

I read inflammation can cause type 2 diabetes and I have very high levels in my blood.


Green tea is not recommended for people with thyroid complications as it's an excelerant


What do you mean pre-dabetes you are diabetic or you are not? Some are able to copntrol their diabetes by diet alone but looking at the sort of food you eat unlikely to be enough and will end up on medication of some sort. What is your HA1B sugar level if you do not lknow you should ask have you had a glucose test yet where you are made to drink glucose and the sugar levels are checked before and after if so what figures where these.

I have noticed that many people suffer with various issues such as thyroid problems, diabetes, fibromyalgia all at the same time so the food part only really works if your diet is rubbish. Diabetes is caused either by lack of insulin or the insulin you produce is not effective.

Ask to go on the desmond programme as this will help you to understand food groups etc. Porridge is a good carb and is an excellant choice.

Note Stress is a big cause of Diabetes control going awry I find that if I am stressed my sugars go totally out of control with no change of diet. Also if I am ill with something else like a virus my sugars react again no change to diet.


Hi onhereagain, my gp used the term pre-diabetic. My last blood glucose averaged at 6. I'm seeing my gp tomorrow so I'll get a print out.

A previous gp put me on metformin after a glucose tolerance test. Then 2 years later changed his mind!

My diet is 95% good, I don't have sugar in my red bush tea, my only other drink is still mineral water. No puddings but a little chocolate which i've stopped.

I have chronic stress and low cortisol. Diagnosed with pernicious anaemia last month. I've had really bad pain with my bladder the last 15 years and I don't think that helps.

My bp has gone up in the last 2 years too. I don't take enough exercise in recent times, but I don't sit watching TV all day either.

Is this a window to turn things around or is it out of my control? My mum was diagnosed type 2 diabetes at 50, she was hypo too.


Hi, Something I'm looking at too as someone said cortisol=blood sugar (I think they did anyway)

(I don't pretend to know anything but BIL basically does an mild Atkins diet for least problems).


Thanks Spareribs, that's a very good link, i'm just reading it all.

Yes i'm going to try cutting carbs and see if this helps. I can't eat much fruit because of acidity, but I do eat bananas which do seem to be on the bad food list :-(

Hopefully my extra walking will pay off. It's so hard to get the weight down, but even 7 llbs will help. Got to try!


Some doctors and researchers are now using the term "metabolic syndrome" or "Syndrome X" to refer to a condition where there is insulin resistance and high-ish blood glucose esp after meals but not full blown adult onset diabetes - I'm assuming that's what Helcaster has (often seen with weight gain round the middle and cortisol problems).


Hi Angel of the North, yes i've read about Syndrome X. I have a copy of my results although I have got say I don't understand it, it was flagged by the lab HbA1c 46 ranges 20-42. It says more than 48 is recommended as a cut off point for diagnosing diabetes.

I'm going to try and strengthen my weak adrenals ( hopefully) lose weight, that's really hard with hypo isn't it! And take more exercise, that's not easy either, but i'm determined to do all I can.

Thanks for your interest!. X


Was watching a couple of videos earlier, so i'll post them up......although you probably already know this. :)

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Hi Buggles 84, thanks for posting these videos, I really did learn a lot. The 10 foods that don't affect blood sugar contained a lot of my favourites so I can bulk up on them instead of eating carbs. Also I had no idea dairy was bad for your blood sugar.

I really have a better idea now what to aim for, so helpful!

I ordered zinc tonight so good to see that too, plus vit d which I have been low in.


Remember that diet drinks and artificial sweeteners are also bad for blood sugar (even though you wouldn't expect them to be).


Hi Angel of the North, I wouldn't want to drink them if I could. Only drink still mineral water and red bush tea because of my bladder disease. I'm always nagging my partner not to drink zero coke and all that crap when we're out. I honestly think they make you hungry and are very addictive. Why people want to put all these chemicals in their system is beyond me!


Helcaster, I have looked at your Profile but it doesn't state your condition. Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid gland problem. If so, what medication and dose are your taking.I am sorry you have gained weight since 1990.


Hi Shaws, Interstitial Cystitis, Hashimotos and in the last month Pernicious Anaemia. Currently self medicating 3 grains Armour 75mcg T3. I have absorption problems due to cimetidine which gives me low stomach acid. Still having low temps and climbing antibodies.


It has been said that if we have one autoimmune disease we can get others.

This is some helpful info too from Dr Lowe:-

and I am glad you are self-medicating as Dr Lowe also said that for many on T4 only studies have shown the possibility:-

This responsibility is made even clearer by

several other studies. These studies indicate that patients on T4 replacement have an increased incidence of potentially fatal diseases, and increased chronic use of medications for these diseases (see section below titled “Presumptions of the Endocrinology Specialty:Instability of Desiccated Thyroid, Dangers of T4 , and the Safety and Effectiveness of T4 replacement”). The

endocrinologists’ failure to note this responsibility

suggests a cavalier disregard for the needs of patients

who remain symptomatic and susceptible to pathology on T4-replacement therapy. The only humane option for the endocrinology specialty is to now open-mindedly reconsider thyroid hormone therapies other than replacement, including ......



Hi Shaws, I think an inflammatory response was triggered by a hospital infection after surgery. I keep getting new symptoms all the time.

I gave T4 2 years and it did very little for me so I decided to self medicate. My gp knows this and is OK with it. I saw an endo about low cortisol and lingering symptoms. He told me my low temps fatigue etc etc was caused by something else lol. You've heard it all before. Never again, i'm convinced I can do a better job!

I'll have a read of those links, thank you Shaws.


Hi I really feel for you I have a sweet tooth and could not get treatment for underactive thyroid for many years and gained 5 stone last year had a total thyroidectomy due to cancer. I have been on a very low carb diet and managed to lose 2 stone in a year, please try to research ketogenic diets (Atkins is the easiest) it will stop diebetes in its tracks and gets rid of a sweet tooth, also I had severe IBS and acid reflex, not any more. Even if I did not need to lose weight I would stay on this diet as I feel so much better. I started on the vegetarian version. But I try not to eat ANYTHING with grains. I hope this may help. I recently had a cholesterol and glucose blood test and the result was amazing everything low and I am 69. Try it for a few weeks and see if it helps.


Hi salty6, thank goodness I don't have a sweet tooth! I do like a bit of chocolate now and again, so that's gone out of the window!

I'm fighting genetics, my mum was diagnosed type 2 diabetes at 50.

I've put on 5 stone, like you my hypo diagnosis was missed, over 20 years for me. Being fat doesn't help. I'm researching as much as I can, and a mild form of Atkins will be good. I thought eating whole grains would cushion me from getting diabetes, but I realise I was wrong.

Your weight loss is amazing and a real inspiration!

Since self medicating i've lost just over a stone in 14 months, but I'd like to revv that up a bit!

I will cut the grains!

Thank you so much for your help!


Hi Helcaster I hope things will improve for you and that, if you are able to cut out grains, you will reverse the type diabetes, all the research I have done seems to indicate that often it is carbs, not just the simple ones but all, that causes diabetes. I am on quite a strict almost no carb diet and my bloods showed under 5 on glucose and cholesteral which without a thyroid gland is a very good reading. There is loads of info to to support this here is a link to just one

Hope this may help you, I just googled low carb and diabetes and got lots. take care and hugs too,


Hi Salty6, thank you for your good wishes, I know I have another fight on my hands. I've always eaten wholegrain but realise even this has to go. Hard getting enough fibre, I can't eat fruit,but I can eat all veggies. My diet has been restricted with interstitial cystitis and I could easily get down at this point. Going for a food shop tomorrow so I'll being the good work needed. One thing g I will really miss is my morning porridge :-(

Thanks for the link I'll have a good read!

Hugs x


Hi Helcaster - used to love my porridge only made with water and sprinkled with cinnamon with some cream (I love cream so low carb diet is wonderful) but now I have a smoothie made with 200ml unsweetend almond 'milk' heaped teaspoon of natural cocoa powder, tablespoon of coconut oil, 2 heaped teaspoons of milled flaxseed, heaped tablespoon of unsweetened smooth peanut butter, sprinkle of cinnamon (anti-diabetes) and a few frozen blueberries or frozen raspberries (small handful say 12) blend with a stick blender really yummy and low carb. There is a wonderful store for healthy foods they deliver £24.00 orders free and have all the stuff I need for that smoothie, I hope it may be an option for your porridge replacement, I also looked up the Interstitial cystitis and that sounds awful, I wonder if the coconut oil may help it mentioned olive oil, I have to drink water and I find I can only manage to drink fizzy mineral water (2 litres a day) I hope this may help a bit and you find the support from this site encouraging, more hugs X PS the ketogenic diet experts say to avoid too much fruit - it is natures sugar - so the berries are about all I eat. xx


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