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red blood cells normal, B12 65 IF antibodies - doc stumped - any ideas

red blood cells normal, B12 65 IF antibodies - doc stumped - any ideas

On Monday I was told I had B12 65, IF antibodies and diagnosed pernicious anemia

I have neuro symptoms, exhaustion for a couple of years ( B12 was 103 in 2011 but left untreated)

My doctor said that he was confused that my full blood count showed enough blood cells of normal size and expected enlarged red blood cell and lowered number.

I eat healthily, and take vitamins

any ideas why my blood count has not dropped / morphed into large red blood cells?

Thanks for your help


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Because you don't have to have anaemia to have PA. This is well referenced in research. You're FBC results may also appear normal if you have co-existing iron deficiency.

"The present study, however, shows that only 45 (64%) of 70 consecutively diagnosed patients with pernicious anemia, the most common cause of cobalamin deficiency, had very low cobalamin levels (less than 74 pmol/L [or less than 100 ng/L]). Anemia was absent in 13 (19%) of the patients, and macrocytosis was absent in 23 (33%) of the patients; such absence was particularly common when cobalamin levels were only slightly or moderately low (74 to 184 pmol/L). Coexisting iron deficiency was responsible for the absence of macrocytosis in nine patients. "

It's a real shame that the word "anaemia" is in the name of the condition, because it just confuses the issue. And doctors haven't done enough research or reading to get past this and realise that you can have quite severe neuro damage without being anaemic.

H x



Pernicous aneamia masks as Hypothyroid but has zero to do with aneamia

see the talk on utube by Dr Chandy to the PA conference

its very informative


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