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Red blood cells and liver function tests

Hi, I've been looking back on some very old blood tests that were taken when I first became ill with m.e/CFS . As I am now trying to discover whether my m.e is I fact over or under treating of hypothyroidism I am curious as to whether the two that are abnormal are known to have any connection or relevance to thyroid problems?

My red blood cell count was elevated at 5.67 range 3.88-4.99

My liver ALT/SGPT serum level was 52 range 10-40

Does anyone know if either of these make up the landscape as regards hypo or too much thyroxine??

Appreciate any input. Thanks

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Hi That LFT ( liver) is fine but there are a lot of other LFT` can be done, if needed. Usually people with liver disease have low TSH and Low FT3, no direct connection though. I am talking about severe liver disease.



Thanks Jackie - I was wondering about the red blood count as I'm pretty sure my partner was tested for thyroid because her red blood count was high. Is it linked at all, because if it is then it gives me a bit of the puzzle about what was going on when I hit the 'm.e' wall.


HI the red is a little high ,not significant for liver and in fact not considered high enough to matter ie not suitable for treatment. The better test is iron which gives transference levels ie absorption % and separately ferritin, and B12.



Hi Jackie, read your post, what sort of level is considered

significant as far as above range red blood cell count ?


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Hi Not sure exactly but all bloods can be a bit out before they are a concern except calcium which must always be in range.



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