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TSH of 1.34 but a FT4 of 11.8. Any ideas? for a friend in a desperate state

Hi guys, Ive just got off the phone with my friend who has the above bloods. Ive asked her to bring everything in tomorrow so i can have a proper look. Her symptoms are severe depression (on prozac now), having an operation for pcos, general doesnt care about anything, always sick with the flu BUT has weight loss. She has lost 4 st in a year and she thinks she is actually eating more. Her sister she believes was hyperthyroid but isnt now (dont understand that one) so theres something in the family anyway. Any ideas? She is in such a bad way and having an operation next week. I want to see what vitamins they tested for and so on but im a bit lost on her thyroid results (though of course TSH is not everything) and how would we even persuade the doctor to trial her anyway?

Thanks guys


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Need Reference Ranges on those please because they are all different. I too had pcos surgery. No Free t3? High heart rate low tsh usually indicates hyperthyroidism. What I'm thinking is Low Cortisol Adrenal Insufficiency. I have that & it causes all her symptoms. Tell her to take her blood pressure laying down & stand up take it again if blood pressure drops 10 points or more its her adrenals. I'm confused on her t4 until I see RR.


TSH 0.3-3

FT4 9.9-20.1

I was thinking adrenals too


It doesn't appear to be her thyroid looking at Reference Ranges, what happens is if you take thyroid medications and you have low cortisol it will cause hyper symptoms. Thyroid meds will cause more problems then it helps because of the low cortisol. I have experienced this first hand. Very uncomfortable. I have addison's disease, adrenal insufficiency and it has been really hard. If not treated it can kill someone. I lost weight in the beginning. Does she have a endo doctor? If not she needs to get one. They are the only doctors that can test properly for this. She needs her electrolytes drawn as well. Usually low cortisol you have potassium & sodium issues as well. I am sorry she feels so bad. One other way you can see if its your adrenals is to go into a dark room & flash a light across your pupil from the side if it goes small then quickly gets really big its the adrenals. People with no adrenal problems the pupil will stay small. This is something she can do herself before going to the doctor. Also Get Iron levels Done. I hope she gets better soon. I hope I could help in some way :)


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